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You probably talk to friends way more than you talk to your parents.

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To be honest, every time it dings or buzzes or rings, my blood pressure spikes and I think, Oh god, what do I need to do now?

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Read it yourself to decide, but regardless, the tweet of the op-ed itself set off a firestorm of responses from millennials who are tired of being painted as irresponsible young people who don't know how to "adult" instead of what they actually are. All Rights Reserved.

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Using an excuse but really you just chickened out. Before depression took over my life, I smiled and laughed as much as the next person. I often get praised for it. Then I just feel like a doormat when I cave into the pressure. Yes, I am addicted to it, but not like other people. Those lucky middle-millennials may have had an easier time finding a job—maybe—but they're still dealing with wages that haven't kept up with costs of living increases while trying to getting their families started.

She started a feel-good company that specializes in creating affirmation card decks — and she's currently in the process of starting a second, video-editing business. Address. A decade ago, whining about millennials being young adults unprepared to make their way in the world at least made sense mathematically. Not because I want attention.

It's that the financial reality of the world in which they came of age made it much harder to get established than generations, with two recessions, stagnant wages, rising costs of living, and crippling debt from skyrocketing tuition costs. I feel like a burden for biological needs I have no control over. Trending Stories. Late night walks help me quiet the screaming in my head. Keep Reading Show less. File with the help of an expert or let an expert file for you!

No friends? why that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Interestingly, the writer of the op-ed is a millennial herself, but she repeats generalizations about her entire generation that seem like they mainly apply to her own social circle. Leave them alone unless you've got a solution to the challenges they're facing beyond "stop buying avocado toast" and "save up money from your underpaid job for a house you can't afford. And they're doing it with less security and stability on a basic level than generations experienced. Time to give them the full respect we give all "real" adults.

Now, having lived with depression for over 15 years, the humor I find in a joke or situation is rarely visible on my face or heard in my laugh. Newsletter Up. Enter. Filing your taxes doesn't have to be intimidating, especially after a year like TurboTax Live experts can give you the "little lift" you need to get your taxes done. She also had to figure out how she was going to support herself, her staff and her business during this difficult time.

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Less pressure there. But when people bag on millennials now they end up looking rather foolish. I prefer to text. If I manage to do that, I am ready for a nap.

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Thanks to their "little lift," they provided her with a little emotional support too. In addition to giving Julz the personalized tax advice she needed, TurboTax Live surprised her with a "little lift" that empowered her to help even more beauty professionals.

Every generation has its share of struggles and every generation thinks the generation before and after it is somehow flawed, but it's those generalizations themselves that are the biggest problem. But my issues are much deeper than that. Not only has TurboTax Live helped millions of people get their taxes done right, but this year they've also celebrated people who uplifted their communities during a difficult time by surprising them with "little lifts" to help out even more.

And for the first time, hairdressers didn't have job security.

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I also isolate myself even though sometimes I really just want someone around. Trending Topics. Alana welcomed her first child in So, Alana took it as a : she decided to launch her own business so she could support her new baby, and that's exactly what she did. The millennial curse is seeing that the tracks are out, having nobody listen, and being too late to stop the train anyway Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

As a motivational speaker, Ricky was used to doing his job in person, but, he says, "when COVID hit, it altered my ability to travel and visit schools in person [because] schools moved to fully virtual or hybrid models. And no one will see me for months after, as I retreat into my safe bubble. Julz had to shut down her salon and go on unemployment benefits for the first time. I'm not a millennial—solidly Gen X here—but the millennials I know are great people.

They've definitely earned it. First of all, the oldest millennials are turning 40 this year The youngest are 25—either well out of college or well into grad school. I have to have a good enough reason for everything I do. Do any of these speak to you? Plus, he says, it was great knowing he had an expert to help him figure out how being remote affected his taxes. Go to TurboTax Live to get started. He knew he had to pivot — so he began offering small virtual group workshops for student leadership groups at middle and high schools.

I feel worthless so much that I feel guilty for even thinking of putting my needs or wants first.

Talking about your feelings

TurboTax Live answered Alana's questions about her taxes and gave her some much-needed advice as she prepared to launch her businesses. To top it all off, his expert surprised him with brand new science equipment and supplies, which allowed him to create an entire line of classes on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Family 30 things people don't realize you're doing because of your depression. Michael's TurboTax Live expert answered his questions about how working from home affected his taxes and helped him uncover surprising tax deductions.

Depression expresses itself in many different ways, some more obvious than others. This story was originally published on The Mighty. You need to let some light in. As if validation from someone else will make it all better.

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The year was full of life changes, losses, and lessons as we learned to navigate the "new normal. He wasn't sure how being remote would affect his taxes, but TurboTax Live Self- Employed gave him the advice and answers that he needed to keep more money in his pocket at tax time — and the little lift he received from them has helped him serve even more students. TurboTax Live. I had to go from A-Z within a couple of weeks. My depression keeps me awake at night and my thoughts can get so overwhelming I feel physically crowded inside.

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And yet, they've been thought of as the youngest adults for the past years, even as they've aged into full-on adulthood. But many other beauty industry professionals didn't have access to the resources they needed, so Julz decided to help. Also being anti-social. That's where TurboTax Live comes in, making it easy to connect with real tax experts to help with your taxes — or even do them for you, start to finish.

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The struggle of millennials is not that they don't know how to be adults. About Us. Then just the thought of taking a shower is exhausting. Sister Sites. When schools shut down across the country last year, Michael had to learn how to adapt to a virtual classroom.

When toxic loser syndrome impacts your life and creativity

Get stories worth sharing delivered to your inbox. The battle between millennials and older generations isn't exactly a generational war—it's more a case of mistaken generational identity. A marketing researcher with a doctorate in social psychology wrote an op-ed for the Chicago Tribune titled "Post-pandemic, some millennials finally decide to start adulting.

Sure, there are generational differences born of changes in the world, social pendulum swings, and reactions to our own upbringings, but to blame a generation for circumstances they can't control is pretty crappy and to lump them all together as lazy or entitled or "easy breezy" is as inaccurate as it is rude. A good chunk of the parents who have had to figure out childcare for their young kids during a pandemic or learn on the fly how to help their children with virtual school while also managing their own careers from home? I withdraw because of my anxiety and depression. They are resilient because they have to be.

Nonetheless, most millennials are somethings who are in the midst of careers, paying mortgages, raising kids, and other extremely adult things. Julz connected with a TurboTax Live expert who helped her understand how unemployment affected her taxes and gave her guidance on filing quarterly estimated taxes for her small business. Editorial Masthead.

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They are resourceful because they have no choice. Seriously, the oldest millennials were early in their career years when the recession hit, and the youngest millennials are at that stage now, during this pandemic recession.