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Brunswick mission pool table

Fun Rooms Since The Mission table is inspired by the clean lines of the Arts and Crafts tradition. Its distinctive corbels are set into massive support posts that rest on two base trestles connected by a broad bridge stretcher.

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Owning your own vintage table can be a very rewarding step for any homeowner. Its special advantages are numerous, the principal one being the thickness of the frame on which the slate bed rests. Furnished either as a carrom or pool table or both combined.

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Other play stimulating refinements of the Centennial are a convenient ball storage rack, specially deed leather pockets, molded pocket p, sloping apron de and handy bridge rack. Instead of visiting a local bar or pub, you can have fun inviting friends into your home for libations and a game of pool. It carries a suggestion of the classic Greek and ancient Egyptian, touching a period when the Oriental splendor bid fair to outrival the more classic tones and studied effects characterizing the era when Athens claimed the right to school the world in literature and art.

There are many who prefer the Jewel to any other table manufactured by our firm. Early on, the company was known as Brunswick Balke Collender. To meet this demand, we have produced the Amaranth, a billiard table with no ornamental inlay except a little upon the head blocks and legs, to relieve the otherwise monotonous appearances of the long, narrow sides of the modern beveled table.

To keep your table in mint condition you should take good care of it.

Used pool table buyers guide

Enjoying your antique table ideally starts with creating a specific billiards or game room, where you can enjoy the perfect ambience for playing the game. The cloth can be cleaned with dry fabric cleaner in a spray or powder form. The rails are securely fastened to the table with invisible cushion bolts. The pool table room size you need is:. All wood parts are of heavy compound construction from specially selected and scientifically dried lumber, veneered on both sides with a cross veneer of alternating grain and faced with the very best quality highly figured Butt Walnut veneer.

Standard 2 piece cues measure 58 inches long, some are shorter. Mahogany lasts for generations.

8′ brunswick mission pool table in cherry

This magnificent de marks a new era in the highest class of billiard table construction and ornamentation. Age serves but to enhance its richness and beauty. Decorated for fun, a pool room with a beautiful new or antique billiard table will soon become a social center and an entertainment room for everyone in your family — no matter what the occasion, or what the weather is doing outside.

It is a high class piece of cabinet work and we recommend it for fine private parlors. This Antique Centennial Pool Table draws back the curtain on opportunity unequalled in the history of the billiard business.


The drawer is constructed so as to be invisible. Pool tables vary in size and de, which allows selecting the best table to suit your lifestyle and the style of your home. Made of the finest, thoroughly seasoned mahogany, beautiful in de and very richly finished. The center layer of these plies is hard maple, the most suitable wood for holding cushion bolts firmly in place. Since Brunswick has manufactured billiard tables for over a hundred years, many of their exquisite tables now occupy elegant homes, museums, and collections all over the world!

The legs, besides being ed with wooden dowels, are fastened with a large iron bolt passing through the entire length of the leg to the top of the head block, thus insuring positive solidity.

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Brunswick Balke Collender Letterhead ca. We are among the largest buyers of Mahogany in the world.

Antique tables – fun at home for the entire family

The body of the rail is covered with a rail cap of compound construction faced with solid Rosewood. Pool balls should be regularly cleansed with a soft dry cloth. These celebrated cushions are the same quality as used on our standard size tables.

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The effect is very rich and the table finds great favor with people whose ideas of correct taste are considered standard. Rigidity of whole table and extra bearing surface for brunswick furnished by double cross stretchers running crosswise and lengthwise of the table.

The severely plain in furniture is now giving way to the lighter and more artistic coloring effects of inlaid decoration. Legs faced with best quality Butt Walnut to match sides. In this era of severe and critical taste in house decoration, many turn from the very ornamental to the plainer and graver styles of furniture. White and black holly and pearl inlay. The cushion rails, which are one of the most vital missions of the table, are made up of a 3-ply body, consisting of three layers of woods of alternating grain glued together to insure the rails against pool changes.

The carved work is highly artistic, chaste and rich, and everything about the table indicates the very perfection of good taste and elegance. Outstandingly beautiful as an example of modern de, the Antique Centennial also makes full use of modern materials. Further rigidity obtained by glue blocks in all corners. Using specially selected woods, Brunswick master craftsmen made the Anniversary rich looking as well as thoroughly practical. A comfortable and well-coordinated pool table room will certainly enhance the value of your property.

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Some of the more well-known versions include:. Wood used in the construction of the Conqueror is beautifully figured Butt Walnut, inlaid with Satinwood, Ebony, and vari-colored marquetry lines. Keeps everything right at hand and in perfect condition.

Its massively constructed hardwood frame rests on two oval-shaped plywood legs deed for maximum strength and rigidity. Featuring handsomely finished, mar-resistant aluminum aprons and leg basing, the Centennial Table retains a touch of traditional elegance in the rich rosewood finish of its exposed woods. Our immense manufacturing facilities, great buying power, and vast output, enable us to sell these magnificent tables at extraordinarily low prices.

The sides are compound construction, being tongued and grooved and glued, the exterior being reinforced with 3-ply veneer placed in an alternate run of grain, cross veneered on inside. Well, with a bit of time and a few connections, it IS possible to find a gorgeously restored antique table! In this fast-paced digital world, it can be quite difficult to find time in our schedules for family activities. They are guaranteed as to accuracy, speed and durability.

Have you ever wondered what styles of vintage tables are actually for sale out there?

Pool tables for sale

All Brunswick home carom and pocket billiard tables are fitted with Monarch Quick-Acting cushions. All ts made close and secure and all mitres absolutely accurate. Glued up ts are tongued and grooved, strongly doweled and glued firmly together. The Gilchrist family has been in business in this industry since !

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The pocket irons are No. This table is entirely new in de and construction, and has been pool pronounced one of the most beautiful billiard tables ever produced. We operate nine factories in various cities. This rare and beautiful wood possesses the extreme durability so desirable for the finest class of cabinet work. Legs are of extra heavy quality lumber, perfect solidity being attained by means of double veneering inside and outside.

And if not, we can keep our eyes open — and check around, if you want to locate one quickly. Sides fastened into legs with maple dowels and heavy iron bolts keep table absolutely rigid. Manufactured under various patents granted from to Mahogany, rubbed and polished. The mission has a cove form, with brackets at each corner and corrugated moldings on the table and in center of legs. The pool table, as well as brunswick favorite accessories, will not only help you unwind, but it also will provide quality entertainment for your guests for a lifetime.

Many auction houses sell vintage billiard tables, like any vintage painting, piece of furniture, collectible automobile, or any other collectable item. The length of the pool table PLUS two times the length of the cue, and. It is no less than seven inches thick, and embodies great strength and solidity with a graceful form. They are built up in compound construction, tongued and grooved, doweled and reinforced by corner blocks, double cross veneered inside and outside and rigidly built into end frame work of body. Its beautiful walnut finish is smartly accented by the off-white of the corner castings and aprons grooves.

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The frame is of ash and Amaranth panels marked out with moldings. All tables are fitted with Vermont slate bed from our own quarries, imported Simonis cloth, and the incomparable Monarch cushions.

Why choose us?

After being given the ordinary cabinet finish it is hand rubbed to a dull polish. The wood construction is all of the very best quality, cabinet made and put together in a most thorough manner. These bolts are covered with blind cushion rail facing built up of 5-ply compound construction faced with specially selected high grade Walnut veneer inlaid with Satinwood, Ebony and vari-colored marquetry lines. For your home use, you can pick any table you like, whereas you will never see stunning tables such as the Brunswick Balke Collender in a bar.

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Playing surface is entirely free from screw holes. The value of a vintage Brunswick varies greatly. All combination tables have our patent adjustable carrom plugs, with iron fastenings. The table has what is known in our factory as the Jumbo framework, which means that it is unusually heavy and substantial. Available also in a combination style.