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Most girls, best privacy, and secure online where you can chat, share personal pictures and arrange dates before your next holiday to Cambodia.

Years old: I am 21
Ethnic: I'm italian
My sexual preference: Man
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got warm green eyes
My hair: Blond
What I prefer to drink: Tequila
I have piercing: None
Smoker: No

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Nothing new really. I know senior men like me cannot expect love from a younger partner in the beginning, but there must be a mutual feeling of wanting to stay together for a long long time.

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Also how can I cambodian the costs? If you want the approach of "Hey girl, come here, I buy you a drink and then we go to my place" just stick to the girlie bars, the girls love it and are of course very flexible. They will go out with guys, have drinks, get into relationships.

Then there are the more free-minded Khmer girls, that adapted to a more western life style. Better to not pay at all, greed is a source of a lot of problems in the world. If you see girls at a university most of them are conservative. Why did you start this thread, asking how to pick up Khmer girls, when you have a girl already? It is still a very conservative society and most people that I know that have Khmer chats or girlfriends have met their line halves at work. It's all up to your way of contacting.

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Joe, I felt the need to come back for update. If not, stop it in time and let both return to freedom.

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I need to go overseas for a while to fund it. You do not ever buy a bride, like you do in Thailand. You don't "pick up" a Khmer girl after work or flirt with her during work, it is the totally wrong way to approach them. I started this to have others experience. Not dropping.

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You won't regret it. We both seem to yearn our freedom somewhere deep inside and seem to live together mostly for the affection. If you would have the money I would say give in and pay, they will need to squeeze the hell out of it to pay for a decent in the eyes of the villagers wedding.

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You're talking about hooking up but isn't that what you are looking for? Only we did it all the wrong way and her family didnt of course like it too much and they gave us the ultimatum to marry ASAP to avoid the shame in their village. I don't get it. And I feel we can have it much cheaper if we compete the arranger firms Problem is the ridiculous costs of the wedding party. Thats my plan honestly, I will have one month holiday each year to fly to Cambodia and back.

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Dude, if you don't know If the answer is "get lost, creep", you need a new chat up line. You can reduce it, but the usual thing is 3 days tents, sound system, servicing people, live Khmer traditional band, food and drinks. So it will be an ordeal how to maintain it functional. Tinder is one way but theyre mostly for hook-ups. This about sums up the possibilities of meeting young Khmer girls.

We live in Siem Reap. On top donations to the monks of the pagoda. Some info: The majority of Khmer girls are conservative. Khmer girls the usual conservatives just chit-chatting nothing serious.

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I dont know how far their compassionate reached what comes to my efforts in trying to arrange as co-habitable conditions to manage financially. But there is something else that makes me advise you to run away! If you look decent not unshaven, old clothes and behave nicely polite, not shouting, showing respect you might find a girl who would be ok to have a drink with you. Just to finish the picture, do I understand you live together with her, but not in Cambodia? We got this lease of 5 xtra month now.

When its best time to approach them. Her cambodian is s strong controller here. Ive paid my share read most of out costs from my purse, the running payments like rent, and utilities. Then make that the most important part of your life, you don't marry for affection, as it is not enough to chat together long time. It is not outside the realm of possibility that their requirements could ultimately destroy the line.

The girls you will find in KTV's are hookers, as are most girls in bars.

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However like I said my term was the guests would pay back any and all invetment made by my money for the weddings. And deep inside you two would love to be free. You say there is hardly love involved, more affection. On top, just as a friendly advise: don't pay any dowry! Then comes the personal part, a ring, flowers, dresses for the pair, the parents, the witnesses and the brides maids.

Cant say theres cambodian about love within. Great, the real spirit. And maybe later sit at river bench with their friends and relatives. And Social media works too. They knows as well as we do, if they keep pushing too hard, theres always the line I take a hike. I had almost forgotten the whole marriuage thing for the most part until she started to remind us every day to every week after some new friend from time to time keeps woindering why we arent married yet. That means they follow traditions and will never do anything against that or against the wish of their parents.

I met mine at her ex-work in Hostel. But it might be as chat we will separate way before then. I do. If they wont budge to it. Another advise: you can also marry in a small temple somewhere, have photos taken of the ceremony, take two witnesses and then you can register the marriage if you're not older than 50 at the municipality, to have it official.

If there is no love there is no chance for success. If they wants to have it their way then the guests are supposed to pay their gifts as money in return for the investment. You won't be back to this country so that means you want your girl come with you later, right?

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Still they are somewhat reserved and not easy to approach. I cant see it happening except by your example. The only thing you should pay for in case of a village marriage is the costs of the party that lasts 3 days, including paying monks for their presence and having the village drunk for 3 days. Best for them is to be patient Thank you for being honest and explain.

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In Cambodia you pay money to the family and that money is used for the festivities. Better would be if you came back from time to time, to see your girl and show the family you still care about her. After 2 years no contact I doubt if she will still be willing to chat her country, family and parents.

THEN what will they get? And forget about sex, they won't do that before marriage. Besides its not just up to me if our bond will endure this time away. So you drop your girl and flee the country? Where do U easiest meet local girls willing to date western guys? Thanks for your views. You leave the country for 2 years, leave her behind and don't know if the relationship will last?

So, they won't consider a reasonable down payment with monthly installments until she is "payed off"? What they are after and wont hesitate to remind is the essence of all to get married for avoiding the cambodian, dishonor and shame they faces in their village on daily basis.

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Ive been telling her many many times money is the root of all evil and I wont submit to be the payer of everything. If you would like such a girl are you talking relationship or just holiday? Just my two cents. Remember if they have a husband or boyfriend, they won't go with you, they are very loyal, so don't even try it.

Good luck. Despite all this Ive manages succesfully ward their most vivid attempts away and got just bought 5 month extension for the premarital phase. Originally I had in mind to go to Europe to do the same, but now this opportunity opened recently and it gives this benefit to save much faster the required money although Im committing to this 2 yrs term.