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Hey, babe. Welcome to Hollywood.

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The most important role of a chatbot is to understand what someone is saying in their message. Sure, you could be trained to understand how people talk with their mouth full…but is that really a good solution? The better solution is building a smart pipeline, which cleans your data so that you can build effective machine learning models. To do this, most developers use Python, tools like NLTK and spend time searching for large open source libraries to perform these steps.

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Dirty talk with celebrity hair stylist, kylee heath.

I couldn't stand the thought of someone thinking that way about my home. She has had her meds adjusted so many times it is to the point where she is asking the dr to give her shock treatment. My SIL even makes fun of those of us who clean and keep a neat house.

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That means we keep it very clean. 1 2 template Next. Bayleigh called, i over heard on the other end, Bayleigh said i can't go, DD said ohhh why not?? You see, my dad rolled a tractor trailer in PA in and suffered a head injury. DD said in a materof fact tone that i found funny, " OK here's what you do, just take everything and slam it in your closet that's what I do" bay said oh no i can't do that! I have some inlaws that live in deplorable conditions.

My #dirtytalk with the new face of seafolly, lara schroeder.

Logging in Remember me. I had teenagesr too was once one myselfbut never dealt with anything quite so bad.

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He just had open heart surgery this year and he is a diabetic. They have nice homes, but they just trash them.

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I hope I didn't just hijack this thread. She just has no desire to do anything. I would love to clean her house for her but it only lasts about a day. My husband and I love our home. Nobody will ever mistake my house for Martha Stewart's however, I think that kind of mess is seriously a mental disorder.

Then I married a hillbilly and we lived like that untill I got divorced.

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When we were growing up, our house had to be picked up all the time and Sat was chore day. Who know what will happen when he comes home. New man came in my life, waited untill I went to work, got the biggest dumpster you can imagine and threw everything I owned out. Filtered by:.

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DD offered to have them go help her. We've taught our sons to be neat and respectable too.

On top of all this she is a social worker for the welfare dept. I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger I definitely agree when people live like this it is a mental illness! I am trying my best to show her that it's ok to have some things out of place, that she doesn't have to be a neat freak, but the nasty is out of control. of 2. Sad thing is my parents are young, 59 and Many good years left if they can get through some of this.

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I guess I've had my head stuck in sand my whole life! She tells me the only thing keeping her going is her grandkids.

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I know when he goes, she will clean the house because it will last more than a day. Now I have my days, but you wont find a speck of dirt anywhere in my house. I can't hardly stand to go over there now.

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He acts like someone who is in the beginning stages of dementia. I really thought those houses were "staged" to look like they do on those shows. I clean the whole time I am there. My dad is home all day and just makes messes and she doesn't have the patients to deal with him.

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My DD already had a friend here who was going bayleigh said i have to clean my room before moms company comes in. Log in. Posts Latest Activity Photos. Comment Post Cancel. TV shows about cleaning dirty homes.

My #dirtytalk with jen atkin.

I mean everything, dishes, furniture, the kitchen table all just gone. I think my mom has had about all she can take. All rights reserved. Yipes, and, as a social worker in a life, went into a lot of nasty homes what did I know?? He is hard to deal with and can get mean.

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She comes home from work and sleeps. Personally, I'm so grossed out I never visit them. When it comes to menI think it's the y-chromosome.

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Yes No. OK Cancel. It is just too bad he couldn't have went there straight from the hospital. It was the best thing anyone ever did for me. You obviously haven't seen my teenage daughter's room Suwannee Terry.

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On a little brighter note He is going to a place in Philadelphia that specializes in head injuries as soon as a bed is available. I grew up like that, my parents were nuts, and I didnt know any better. Forgot password or user name?