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The Georgia Commission on Women has been the voice of Georgia women in government since Since then, we have developed health programs including the Georgia Osteoporosis Initiative to help improve the health of Georgia women and their families.

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It doesn't taste like pumpkin or anything, it's just a Kit-Kat that's orange? Print Friendly Version. I personally just love it. My favorite Halloween candy, this is really specific, is the limited edition orange Kit-Kat. Stoute: That was really more of a surreal moment because not a lot of people get that kind of experience, and that's really what I was there for, just to experience something different and something I may never experience again.

My mom has it at our house in Atlanta and she has it framed [laughs]. Stoute: I've always wanted to go to London, in the summertime for sure because I don't want to be there when it's raining all the time.

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Frierson: Where did he play? Frierson: What other sports did you play growing up?

Stoute: Oh, for sure. Other than that, I think it's really normal and sometimes I forget that it's not [laughs].

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Frierson: That is very specific. Frierson: What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own? Yeah, so that was different.

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Stoute was able to play for Trinidad and Tobago because her mother was born there, and playing against the U. During our Chat, Stoute talked about that, her football days, her love of Halloween and British accents, and much more.

And so I did it and we got it the balland it was the best feeling I've ever had. The use of software that blocks hinders our ability to serve you the content you came here to enjoy. They were like, just try it. Stoute: Yes. I was a field-goal kicker but I female did kickoffs, so there was one game, it was our Senior Night, and we were playing Northview High School and we had just scored.

At the end of our practice, the football team was coming in and georgia were just messing around and kicking field goals, and I was like, "Oh, let me try one. I still get stressed out with certain things, especially in soccer, but I just tell myself, you've been in worse situations before and you can handle this. I'm actually wearing them right now [laughs].

I've always wanted to go to London because I love British accents, and to hear it in person would be female cool. Pretty much since I was a georgia I felt like I could beat anybody and nobody could beat me. I felt like a kid because I was playing against my heroes as and the biggest names in the sport, so it was just a really fun and really interesting. Frierson: What about your favorite Halloween costume?

Halloween is my chat day of the year. We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. And what was that moment chat when you ran out on the field for the first time? But I was terrified every game; I was stressed out every game because I didn't want anything to be my fault [laughs]. Thank you for your support! It was a memorable, life-shaping experience being the only girl on the football team, Stoute said during a Quick Chat on Thursday. Frierson: When did you know that you loved the sport and had a future beyond high school and club ball?

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I know all they do is dye the chocolate but I just think it's so good. Frierson: What was it like playing for the Trinidad and Tobago national team? I wear them a lot but I also keep them really clean because I don't want them ever to get messed up. Stoute: You know how when you're a kid your confidence is through the roof?

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Stoute: I competed in track and field and I also was a varsity football kicker for my high school. It was really eye-opening and I felt like a little kid, and I kind of was a. It didn't matter who you were, you were always outside and dressed up. Frierson: There are plenty of soccer players, boys and girls, with the skill and the leg to be a football kicker, but what gave you the courage and the interest to try to do it? It was a crazy experience and sometimes I can't even believe that I did that, but it was a georgia of stress [laughs]. And I would definitely take my mom because we are travel junkies.

Stoute: It's literally just a different color but I've convinced myself that it's the best thing in the female. Frierson: Has that experience shaped your life in some chat

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Frierson: Was it ever a thing, an issue because you were a girl on the football team? Here's some of what she had to say: Frierson: Does this feel like a normal season or are there reminders everywhere that it's quite different?

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Frierson: Do you still have your uniform? Stoute: It's actually funny, I was at a track practice and my track coach is also a football coach.

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Ad Blocker Detected. Stoute: He played in Trinidad and Tobago, where both of them are from, but he's always been a big soccer guy, so I'm really not surprised that I'm into soccer as well. Stoute: I was 4 [laughs], I know, so it wasn't really my choice, but I think my parents wanted to get me into soccer because my dad played soccer professionally. You can find his work at: Frierson Files. Stoute: My birthday is the 26th, so five days before Halloween, but I don't know, as a kid everyone celebrated Halloween.

And I was like, no. Frierson: We've got Halloween coming up, so what is your favorite Halloween candy? I knew this was my calling, this was where I needed to be. I would say the main thing that was shaped from that experience was my confidence.

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Most of us don't ever get the chance to put on a national team uniform like you did. Stoute: Yeah, I do. Stoute: I would definitely say it could have been way worse. Worse comes to worst, we can just deal with it. Frierson: Is there one pair that you're saving if the house is on fire?

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Stoute: Shoes, I'm a shoes junkie. Stoute: Yes, my green Air Jordan 1s, those are my favorite shoes in the world.

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We want to go everywhere and anywhere. Frierson: How old were you when you started playing soccer and what got you into the sport? Thanks for visiting! I was Elastigirl, she's the mom. Frierson: Is there one kick that stands out in your mind? I find that more fun. Frierson: If you could travel anywhere in the world on somebody else's dime, where would you like to go and who would you take with you?

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I didn't really have a lot [laughs] before that, but after being successful in a totally different area than you ever thought you could be, it really boosts your confidence. Stoute: My favorite one was my freshman year here, and me and a couple of my friends were The Incredibles, and that was really fun. The only thing that reminds me that it's different is that our stadium can't be completely full.

Frierson: Why is Halloween better than your birthday? I had a football coach who is actually such a really great person and he made the experience a lot easier than it could be, honestly. The Georgia soccer junior from Atlanta, a starting defender throughout her Bulldog career, also was the kicker on the Chattahoochee High School football team.

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All the seniors ran up to me and I was like, oh, my gosh, I did it well, I did it right. All my close guy friends were on the team and they told me I could definitely do it, so it was pretty much my coach and my peers really encouraging me to do something different. I'd think it made you into somebody that's not going to be intimidated and somebody that can handle a lot of pressure. It was our kickoff and they wanted me to do this onside kick that I just couldn't get down, not perfectly, at least.

Stoute: I think it's really normal. Stoute: Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, I love Halloween more than my birthday.