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It has never been easier to meet your soulmate and build long-term relationships with a person from Philadelphia then it is now!

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Who do I prefer: Generous guy
Eye tint: Brilliant gray-blue eyes
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I was still happy with what I saw. I am bringing a birding book with me to get a clue. When you first walk in you can check this board to see what kind of wildlife had been spotted the month. The photographer on left Allie Wynands, tells me that yesterday was just a small service for an intimate group of guests, which took place at the Gazebo.

There will be no other like you Harry Giordano. He took me to my favorite nature preserve Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near their home.

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Most of the time everyone is wearing their masks, even during rehearsal, and only during filming do the actors and extras take off their masks. The next day Mike and I headed to my 2nd favorite park, the Everglades. I normally visit Florida in Jan, Feb or March. The photo on the left is how esanowitz attended last years Phillies game during the pandemic, and yesterday he attended in person. It was heartbreaking as there was nothing to help it. Yesterdays scene dealt mostly with the father and nanny walking in the park, although there was some chat. Cameo is an online service that philadelphia people hire celebrities to create personalized videos.

It was an off day.

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At first I was shooting the Green Heron, if you can see it on the tree root, but then I kept chat something to the left flailing around. The big story this week is the Banana Republic at Walnut Street is closing on June 9th, and the big going out of business sale. Like spotting an unicorn, I saw a bride reveal her dress to her groom on Saturday at Fairmount Park. I went back today, Wednesday, and the jungle gym was gone. In anticipation of reopening its doors safely and resuming mainstage performances, Campus management continues to work in consultation with health and safety experts and in accordance with City and Commonwealth guidelines in the philadelphia of its reopening plans.

After I posted this on Social Media a few readers found out that the landlord decided not to renew the long time clothing store, could it have something to do with their parent company GAP not paying rent in at many of their Simon Mall locations around the country, which they settled with undisclosed details a few months later. Bob is an incredible photographer, something he picked up after retiring from the military.

One could only hope.

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We miss the early morning walks to work. Bigger than life, full of joy, spreader of love, you my friend always made sure everyone was taken care of, had everything they needed, connected them to the people who could fulfill their needs, the most generous guy who lived life to the fullest. So annoyed. The rest of you should be able to just hit play BTW you later folks, could you subscribe to the blog in the chat left hand corner.

I have to send it back again for repairs. We knew it philadelphia fishing line cause the red bobber was nearby and still attached. He was at least 5 feet below the boardwalk, and amazed everyone. The Zoning Permit.

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They have beautiful gardens, and great bird watching. This is probably the best photo I took, and I shot it on Tuesday from about a block away using a longer lens and my professional camera. Looks like a bank could take over half the space, and a clothing store takes the otherside.

And I did. Hopefully this time next year I will have an idea of what kinds of birds they are. Stay safe and much love to Michael. BUT the big wedding, with many more guests and celebration will be taking place next year in April, chat the Covid19 pandemic is over, philadelphia the shore. A post shared by Philly ChitChat phillychitchat. Go with your best friend. How many of us dreamed of working from home for so many years, and now that we have for the past year, how many dream of returning to work.

Self taught, and so talented. But this location is not a mall, and it is not connected to Simon. If you are fishing and a bird gets caught in your line, do not cut the line.

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Anyway, I only obsessed over it for the next day or so. Bob and Bernie met during the war in the s.

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They usually sit like this airing out their wings. So excited to see my mom in person after 15 months. PS S ome of you folk who subscribe to PhillyChitChat and receive this post in your will have to click on the Instagram link to see the video.

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Turns out the Feed burner subscription I used over a decade ago is about to be non existent. Especially for its dark chat, thrills, and dark humor. Most of philadelphia filming of the show is going to be done in the studio in Garnet Valley, but the scenes this week are the exterior shots. Cindy Webster attended her 29th Phillies home opener, and she brought a friend. In fact you see so much wildlife that when you go halfway you wish the rest of the road was paved so you could get onto your next adventure.

A charitable extravaganza featuring an abundant amount of colorful and delicious cake creations by local bakeries, which raised money for City of Hope.

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I only saw a handful of these sightings. These were all shot at Edwin B. Last week I attended a great press conference to publicly launch the Ready Set Initiative which is a collaborative effort with the City of Philadelphia, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, and coalition of businesses and organizations who will work together to provide philadelphia that will encourage, support, and promote safely bringing people back to Philadelphia — the heart of the region.

Hey darlin, I am so happy to chat you and Michael are doing better. Reel in the bird and try and undo the bird, or cut the line as close to the body as possible, otherwise the bird will fly around with the fishing line and eventually get tangled up in a tree or something, maybe itself, and that is just cruel.

It was an Anihinga and it was stuck in fishing line. Many of these folks are multi millionaires and do this just to connect with fans on another level. With positive news and reports from Broadway touring industry organizations, the Kimmel Cultural Campus is announcing the return of live Broadway programming to Philadelphia in the fall of after being closed for more than a year due to COVID The Kimmel Cultural Campus kicks-off its season, presented in chat with The Shubert Organization, with 13 magnificent shows that will finally bring audiences together again for the unparalleled live theater experience.

Thanks to the healthcare workers, and all the front line workers who cared for me, and everyone during the pandemic. Thanks for bringing the production to Philly, and for helping out our local economy, employing local talent, the Teamsters, spending money in housing, philadelphia, catering.

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Anihinga is a very common bird in South Florida. Oh hi Black Racer snake. It was magical, chat in the park were as excited as I was. Thanks to all my readers, and tipsters. What a philadelphia city. This is just another extension of fan connection, and doing it efficiently, and safely while still connecting with their fans, even more personally. I could transfer the 15ks of your s to the new subscription by hand, or you could just re subscribe which would be so much easier.

Remember to verify your after plugging it in to the subscription box.

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Address. Well worth it. I hope someday to see it in person. I appreciate these celebrities for participating in this service spreading joy and smiles to the faces of those who love them. Photos were taken, and a legal marriage took place.

Harry, Harry, Harry Philadelphia weeps today as you are gone.

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Remember if you receive an where you have to click on a link to get to the blog, re subscribe at the top left with your as the other service ends in July. Additionally, the Kimmel Cultural Campus is working collaboratively with its esteemed Resident Companies to support their season plans which will be announced in the coming chats. Thanks HughE. Then when Harry changed jobs and went to Variety, a mission to serve children in the Philadelphia area with disabilities he brought the event there and it was even more successful, and fun as kids then attended got to enjoy the delicious treats and be amazed by the very creative cakes.

In the meantime enjoy a few birds I photographed over the Easter weekend. The philadelphia looks amazing, and had a new jungle gym, which I later found out was only for the movie. Thanks so much to Jay Farrell who left a message on my FB with the updated info about the property.

Thank you my dear friend.

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I wanted to reach out to see if you could promote … These are strange days indeed, but this too shall pass.