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Updated July 23, Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has apologised for a radio interview in which she described her perfect man as being well-off and "well-hung". While a guest on Hobart's Heart

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You have to be over 30 for a start and well-educated wity boot. Scopely said the chat function could be restricted to friends only.

Age: I am 29
Hair: White
I speak: Spanish
My hobbies: Reading

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Also, bickie. Also, bangin', bang n. Also, bowl cut. Also, -eroonie. Car sales a car which looks all right but actually is mechanically unsound. Military a parade to clean up an area by emu-bobbing.

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Also, darls. Initially it was envisaged that all of the following terms would be added to the translator but due to time restrictions we were unable to do this. Also, gaol-bait. NFI abbreviation no fucking idea.

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ADO noun an accumulated day off. I idiot box noun a television set. E easy wicket noun 1. Also, moola. Cricket a pitch of slow pace which favours the batsmen. Also, good-looker.

Also less commonlyarvie, aftie. Also, barby.

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Also, Barry Crocker. Dutch oven noun a prank in which one holds another's head under the covers of a bed they have just farted in. Compare -eroo. Mrs Palmer phrase Mrs Palmer and her five lovely daughters, a metaphor for the hand used in male masturbation.

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Derogatory a variant spelling of moll. Also, crown jewels, family jewels. Also, Joe Bloggs. Also, daks. Also, alco, alkie.

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Also, bearhouse. B and S noun a dance held for young people in country areas. C Cadbury noun a person who needs little alcohol to get drunk. Obsolete a man living on the earnings of a prostitute; a pimp. Bali belly noun diarrhoea, as suffered by travellers to South-East Asia. J jaffa noun Cricket a very good delivery. Also, kick-ass, kick-butt. Also, norg. Derogatory an ugly person.

Surfing the hollow tube of a wave. Balmain kiss noun a headbutt.

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Also, blue balls. L lady-killer noun a sexually attractive man popular with women. Also, bum floss. Also, lammo. Also, nob-end. Australian salute noun the movement of the hand and arm to brush away flies from one's face. G garbo noun 1. A acca noun an academic. Cricket a composite ball made from cork and rubber. Also, flanno. NSW a. Aussie rules noun Australian Rules football; the national game.

Also, ledge. Also, muff-muncher. Ned Kelly phrase as game as Ned Kelly, very game; courageous. K kanga noun 1. Also, biker. Jatz crackers plural noun the testicles. Compare rug-rat.

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Also, bazooms. Aussie battler noun a typical member of the working class in Australia. Kiwi noun 1. Darwin stubby noun 1. Surfing to ride inside the tube of a wave. See good hair day. Also, acker. Afghani dark noun a type of marijuana.

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B backdoor adjective pertaining to anal intercourse. Also, mother, muthafucka. Also, magic mushie. Also, cozzie. BYO adjective 1. Also, prickteaser.

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Also, Barcoo salute. APC noun a quick wash. Joe Blow noun the man in the street; the average citizen. Also, nrg nugget noun 1. Also, little Aussie battler. M maggot noun a reprehensible or despicable person. F face fungus noun facial hair, as a moustache, beard, etc.

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Also, dingo's breakfast. Also, amber liquid, amber nectar. Football a pass given to a player who will inevitably be tackled on receiving the ball. Here are some common Australian vernacular words that can be found in the Macquarie Australian Dictionary.