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User B receives the update updateEncryption for all associated authorization keys all authorized devices with the chat constructor encryptedChatRequested. When the secret chat is first created, this value should be initialized to This remote layer value must always be updated immediately after receiving any packet containing information of an upper layer, i.

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As soon as both parties in a secret chat are using at least Layer 73, they should only use MTProto 2. The encrypted contents of a file are stored on the server in much the same way as those of a file in cloud chats : piece by piece using calls to. Thereafter, it generates a random bitbusing rules similar to those for a.

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The fact that events from the temporary queue have been received and stored by the client is acknowledged explicitly by a call to the messages. In order to keep past communications safe, official Telegram clients will initiate re-keying once a key has been used to decrypt and encrypt more than chatroom, or has been in use for more than one number, provided the key has been used to encrypt at least one message. It is necessary to interpret all messages in their original order to protect against possible manipulations. All messages acknowledged as delivered by the client, as well as any messages older than 7 days, may and will be deleted from the server.

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For the older MTProto 1. Some of the first received messages may use MTProto 1. The byte array is padded with 12 to random padding bytes to make its length divisible by 16 bytes. Note that the schema for these end-to-end encrypted Secret Chats is different from what is used for cloud chats :.

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This cache might be shared with one used for Authorization Key generation. Please note that your client must support sequence s in Secret Chats to be compatible with official Telegram clients. Key visualizations on the clients are generated using the first bits of SHA1 intial key followed by the first bits of SHA key used when secret chat was updated to layer Client B executes messages.

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When an update regarding a message from a secret chat is sent, a new value of qts is sent, which helps reconstruct the difference if there has been a long break in the connection or in case of loss of an update. Encrypted data is embedded into a messages.

It makes sense to cache the values of the parameters together with the version in order to avoid having to receive all of the values every time.

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For backward compatibility, the object must be wrapped in the constructor decryptedMessageLayer with an indication of the supported layer starting with The TL-Schema for the contents of end-to-end encrypted messages is available here ». If the number stored on the client is still up-to-date, the server will return the constructor messages.

Please note that your client must support Forward Secrecy in Secret Chats to be compatible with official Telegram clients. An additional temporary message queue is introduced as a solution to this problem. As long as the current layer is lower than 73, each party should try to decrypt received messages with MTProto 1.

Your client chatroom always store the maximal layer that is known to be supported by the client on the other side of a secret chat. If you want to learn more about Secret Chats from a less intimidating source, kindly see our general FAQ. Note that as of version 4.

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The resulting construct is serialized as an array of bytes using generic TL rules. Upon de-authorization, the event queue of the corresponding device will be forcibly cleared, and the value of qts will become irrelevant. After g and p have been checked by the client, it makes sense to cache the result, so as to avoid repeating chatroom computations in future.

Thereafter, the only device that will be able to number the secret chat is Device Bwhich made the call to messages. User A will be sent an updateEncryption update with the constructor encryptedChatfor the authorization key that initiated the chat.

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For the obsolete MTProto 1. This article describes the end-to-end encryption layer in the MTProto protocol version 2. The user must be shown basic information about User A and must be prompted to accept or reject the request. After the first message encrypted with MTProto 2. Let us consider the following scenario: User A would like to initiate end-to-end encrypted communication with User B.

User A executes messages. Incoming and outgoing encrypted files can be forwarded to other secret chats using the constructor inputEncryptedFile to avoid saving the same content on the server twice.

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Prior to a file being sent to a secret chat, 2 random bit s are computed which will serve as the AES key and initialization vector used to encrypt the file. If the message layer is greater than the one supported by the client, the user must be notified that the client version is out of date and prompted to update.

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The principal differences from version 1. The re-keying protocol is further described in this article: Perfect Forward Secrecy in Secret Chats. Old keys are then securely discarded and cannot be reconstructed, even with access to the new keys currently in use. Keys are generated using the Diffie-Hellman protocol. Secret chats are associated with specific devices or rather with authorization chatroomnot users. Executing this method before each new key generation procedure is of vital importance. A subsequent call to messages.

The initial value may not and will not be equal to 0. This notification must be wrapped in a constructor of an appropriate layer. Proper handling of these counters is further described in this article: Sequence s in Secret Chats. For MTProto 2. After User B confirms the creation of a number chat with A in the client interface, Client B also receives up-to-date configuration parameters for the Diffie-Hellman method.

In the older MTProto 1. As the of events increases, the value of qts increases by 1 with each new event. Note 2: this fingerprint is used as a sanity check for the key exchange procedure to detect bugs when developing client software — it is not connected to the key visualization used on the clients as means of external authentication in secret chats. A TL object of type DecryptedMessage is created and contains the message in plain text.

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If the fingerprint for the received key is identical to the one that was passed to encryptedChatincoming messages can be sent and processed. See also: MTProto 2. Once the first MTProto 2. MTProto v.

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In order to notify the remote client of your local layer, your client must send a message of the decryptedMessageActionNotifyLayer type. The resulting array is prepended by 4 bytes containing the array length not counting these 4 bytes. The steps above are performed in reverse order. The recipient will receive an update with encryptedMessageand the file parameter will contain file information.

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Otherwise, messages.