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This week, she talks with three friends who instant-message one another on Gchat all day, every day. They discuss the importance of an on-call digital sounding board, struggles with acronyms, and why sharing the mundane details of everyday life can be more intimate than the big milestones.

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Welcome to Chatsfriends. In addition to the main room, we have many channels where you can chat without having to be registered. Less specific roomsthe rest have the camera optionwith which you can have a closer relationship and a real conversation. Chatsfriends, is a free portal that offers users access to any of the available chats where you can access at any time and does not need registration, so you can enter anonymously and thus have your privacy safe from curious. Currently there are more than chats available in which you can access whenever you want.

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They have courses for both interested women and for coaches and trainers. When she retired from pro sport she was handed a fairly brutal reality check. And I just hated them. No, I am always excited to speak to my guests genuine, actual excitement. The journey took two and a half years, covering 35, miles.

And I just kind of just loved it and hate it. She, by her own admission, naively assumed this mentality was an asset that would help her in life. I've always had this dream of being an international athlete, how did you go from sort of, you know, you by your own admission, not being, you with, one of the best of the fastest, really friend putting yourself to because, you know, I'm not a rower, but my dad stroke the Cambridge blue boat back in the day. Do you know I kind of like fell out but definitely wasn't in the call group at school.

This is a podcast for everyone! And like, I want to learn something new, I want to do something totally different. But I felt that sport was the place where I could really just truly be me. I tried so hard as for I absolutely loved it. Website www. But that's a it was not it was not predictable that that's, you know, like, I think that if you were doing any talent ID programme, I don't think I'd have qualified for any of them whatsoever.

She found she had to harmonise mind and body, instead of seeing one as master of the other. And it was more I didn't start, I'd love sport, as I said, my entire life. Hi, welcome to chatting to a friend. So so much.

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If you are a friend who trains or does sport, if you are a man, or a woman who trains or coaches, girls or women, or if you have daughters, this is a must listen, I cannot overstate how important the work is that these three women are doing as being one of them. So it wasn't as though I I decided, Okay, I chat to be an international athlete. And finally, we discuss who should play her in the movie.

By the time we did the interview he had come out as transgender. We discuss how she managed her money and how she dealt with many many unwanted threats to her personal safety. As she began to see life through a new with, the outputs were so ificant she began to introduce new thinking and techniques into her coaching work. I didn't come from a sporty family at all. Regardless of the pronouns, I really wanted to chat to Frit because I loved his story, I loved the passion with which he tell the stories of others who are grossly underrepresented in the outdoor adventure space.

And I just love this conversation. And in this podcast I'm chatting to incredible women about their life experiences and adventures, as well as their thoughts on friendship, community self care, setting boundaries and how they keep healthy, happy.

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And I'd love growing more and hated work more, it just became more apparent that maybe I could give it a go. It was more like, you know, I just I just went back into sport and I chose rowing because it wasn't going to be rowing on that board. Hi, Bob. Thanks for ing me today. So I know from just from the stories that that's a brutally hard sport, like, I mean, all sport is hard.

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You may have noticed different pronouns in these show notes to all the ones. It's brilliant. But a lot of it was absolutely not the conversation I thought I was going to have with her. In this conversation, we discuss her sporting background, her time in the GB Rowing Squad, her brutal first labour and birth, followed by therapy and her empowered life changing second birth. I'm Katie Friend. In BMW commissioned and published a chat article about the round the world trip for BMW International and as a result of this friends story gradually spread. And then I decided that that that international ship had sailed as it were, and you know, when you're 21, and you think, Oh my god, I'm so old now I really need to get used to get serious now but as and you need to, you know, sort of decide what you're going to do.

Ridiculously excited about that one!! This is because when I invited Frit to be on the podcast, he was identifying as a gay woman. But today I'm particularly excited because I have been caught up in everything that you've been doing with the well HQ with Dr. Bella Smith. So I've done everything, you know, every single school team, I just was always doing sport. And so I absolutely adored it.

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We talk about fitting in, about finding your place in life, about how to extend the reach of his projects so that people who may not otherwise have watched a film about a veiled Muslim hiker or a middle aged paddleboarding mum can see the shift in perspectives and learn something that broadens their views. Facebook BazMoffatStrongtotheCore.

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And from a really young age, you know, I was obsessed with the Commonwealth Games and the you know, and the Olympics and college active Sarika node and lympha Christi, that kind of era and they were just all so inspirational. Yeah, it feels like a very long time ago now I even when I was growing on the telly, I'm like how did I do that?

We talk about how little interest anyone really had in her trip, before, during and after and how she felt about that. Twitter thewellhq.

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LinkedIn thewellhq. How are you? Warning: some subjects may be a little adult for very young listeners. It was kind of I want the rowing got it because it was outside it would that was literally it was like, I just wanted to be part of a team. She set off alone with no sponsorship or support, in an age beforemobile phones and satnavs and it was not until that she discovered that she had become the first British woman to ride a motorcycle around the world. Frit is a transgender Chinese adventurer and loves exploring the outdoors in as many ways as possible: climbing, hiking, skiing, cycling, paddleboarding and rollerblading.

His latest adventure documentary, Brave Enough, has had multiple sold out screenings.

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The chat comes almost to an end with us talking about how this formative trip helped to shape the rest of her life, giving her the confidence to take on anything and everything. Boss Moffitt is a former Great Britain roar a bronze medalist in the world championships, a mother of two former personal trainer and a specialist in pelvic floor health, as well as that she's recently teamed up with Dr.

Emma Ross and Dr. Bella Smith to create the well, HQ. And in this conversation, we talk about everything that is women specific training, and you might have an idea of what you think this conversation is going to sound like.

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Answers on a postcard, please! We talked about resilience, stubbornness and determination in the face of accidents, robberies and even a miscarriage. Twitter bazmoffat. It was like is this honestly like what I've been working so you working hard at school for when and how the university for is I cannot see this being my life.

Four years later she was sitting on the start line of the GB trials.

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I was so disillusioned by them and I couldn't quite believe that this was what life would be. As an adventure filmmaker and photographer chat 10 withs of shooting experience, he creates adventure films under his film studio, Passion Fruit Pictures, whose sole mission is to add diversity and colour to the adventure industry. It pushed her body to do things nobody believed it could or should. Her greatest weapon in sport was probably her mind-over-matter approach, a performance mentality which got her into the boat, onto the team and up on the podium.

But yes, back in the day, I was one of those rare lists and that you always had a quite a sporty childhood I think us I've read that you were sort of A for effort type was kind of always battling through. I friend you enjoy. And we're gonna come on to that because it's just, it's completely blown my mind as I'm sure it has for a lot of people, which as we'll also come on to it shouldn't have been.

Instagram bazmoffatstrongtothecore. So interesting.

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It's just so so vital. I'm really well thank you. LinkedIn fritsaritatam. Instagram: elspethbeard. What I want to just do a little bit of background on you because you are, amongst other things, a former GB rowing squad for our medal winner World Champion medal winner. Baz Moffat began rowing at the age of 21 to meet new friends.

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So fun. We talk about everything from sport at school, to birth stories, to pelvic floor via menopause, sports bras periods, how the men in our lives can support women, as much as women can support themselves. But for me, sport was my leveller like I really, asI didn't really feel like I fit it in anywhere.

So I then went down the corporate route and you know, sort of doing graduate jobs.