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But the companies hit back with suits against the President and the Commerce Department, arguing that the EOs represented an ultra vires exercise of authority. How the court decides these suits has huge ramifications for the understanding of IEEPA and its scope, and the way in which the President and agencies intervene in the activities of foreign companies in the United States.

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Onwards and upwards.

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I do not regard Novum Securities as anywhere near to being a top dog broker. Read Full Thread. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that interview, still all to play for, drilling and potential JV are still ongoing.

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Well done all those who took advantage, a lot of weak hands have been shown for what they are. I couldn't resist bring my average down k more for me under 1. They do however have an exclusive client list of ultra high net worth individuals.

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Common sense is returning as the bed wetters exit. Confidence is going to take a while to build, once we have 2 drill campaigns going and the s being granted 'soon' things will feel much rosier! As shareholders, ECR are required to consult with us for certain issues so our voices can be heard Other than that there is no requirement for them to consult with shareholders on how ECR should run on a day to day basis for every single business decision.

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Read Full Thread Reply. Was that a hint about NZ right at the end? I watched the interview with CB and, ok, he may have appeared uncomfortable in that environment but it doesn't mean that he's uncomfortable doing his day to day job. Added a few more, won't be this cheap for long.

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Cash in the bank, further licences around the corner and a more progressive drill ecr. Sounds like the placing cash is being used to progress Creswick, with further applications progressing in parallel, and a couple of groups interested, but he does say "contractors to start drilling" so presumably if things go well we'll get a JV and responsibility for drilling will get handed over to them.

Investing in companies like ECR is not chat running in a sprint race How can it be that ultra high net worth individuals are interested in little ECR? Maybe CB knows more than he's letting on? Did they do a broker note and arrange a placing on the back of it?

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Great interview. Very true, there are those who have a little understanding and those who have none.

What is the research whisperer?

I doubt they've even heard of you. What's not to like here?

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I routinely top slice giving me a healthy stash in case of situations like this. It's a complete mess but it's way oversold.

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Because on the third day he rose again Tomorrow should see the back of these sub 2p prices. Thanks for the cheap shares, I really appreciate the misunderstanding, onwards and upwards. Much MUCH better interview than the last one!

The interview was very positive and reassuring. CB was very understanding of some shareholders who blew a gasket, calling it a little misunderstanding.

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As is today's price action. I sold a few CHF for example where I piled in at recent sub 9p lows, so rebalanced by selling the excess at God bless the soft hearted people out there, for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

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Probably rich and powerful people, so maybe placing shares with them was a good move? Follow ECR. Chat s: Older. May they find comfort in the knowledge that their loss is our gain.

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Glad he didn't do that interview yesterday allowed me my bottom fishing to average down. Our trust is placed in the BOD who oversee that.