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View a full description of this newspaper. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this using optical character recognition software:. I Day Coit per lino Multiple insertion rates ore bated on consecutive days, some order and are applicable only to residents of Oklahoma.

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Ridgway said it was the most earned by any university. Moore went on to say that it was an "incredible magic trick" that Republicans were able to take control of all three branches of the government while not representing the majority of Americans. BACC! Researchers said the emis emission sion emission contained little of the black, minerally ash generated by seismic activity deep within the mountain.

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A drumbeat of earthquakes since a plume of steam was re released leased released Friday indicated pressure was mounting within the moun mountain, tain, mountain, U. Geological Survey geolo geologist gist geologist Tom Pierson said. Reykjavik Nightclub Cord and evening Blue Lagoon tour.

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Additional Physical Form: Also available online. Print Send Add Share. Wayne Cope Public Access Television of North Central Florida president The proposal then would need to be approved by both commissions prior to the channel's activation. Scientists said it was unclear whether a larger eruption still was expected. Hill said Monday, the last day to register for the Nov.

Her office was still busy at p. Barber, cebarber alligator.

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Guy Medema, a seismic analyst at the University of Washington's Seismology Lab in Seattle, said earthquakes of magnitude 2 and 3 continued after the steam burst, unlike a steam eruption Friday, when the earthquakes stopped for several hours. We believe it's magma," said Jeff Wynn, chief scientist for volcano hazards at Vancouver, Wash.

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We regret the error. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder. Iceland Nights Package subject to availability and price change.

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The second presidential debate will take place Friday, and the final de debate bate debate is set for Oct. This fills the First Amend Amendment ment Amendment by bringing peoples words to the preeminent forum today. Vice President Dick Cheney and Sen.

John Edwards will debate tonight. AP Mount St. Helens belched steam thousands of feet above the volcano's crater Monday, apparently the larg largest est largest burst yet as days of tremors and low-level earthquakes have raised fears the volcano will blow at any moment. Non-stop party. With Supervisor of Elections Beverly Hill keeping her office open until midnight, voters took advantage as did UFs Chomp the Vote reg registration istration registration drive.

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Republicans have to be more outlandish and outspoken than Democrats, Moore said. You Decide. At the latest, UF would implement them by Fallaccording to a policy draft. He added that there was excitement about tonight's debate, in which Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic vice presidential nomi nominee nee nominee Sen. Prospective employers look for well-rounded candidates. There are NO dues and get a chance to hear presentations from Fortune companies.

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Os the issues debated Monday night, Ridgway said he felt national security and economic policy would be the most important issues affect affecting ing affecting students in tonight's debate. Several surveys conducted after last Thursday's debate showed the race even. Includes transatlantic air, two nights hotel.

Personal travel insurance not included.

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Honda's high court ruled two weeks ago that Bush and state lawmakers overstepped their authority with an October law ordering Schiavo's feeding tube be reinserted six days after her husband had it removed so she could die. Dates or Sequential Deation: Vol. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non - profit research and educational purposes.

A thick, white cloud billowed and shrouded the volcano's shattered summit, then wind slowly steered the cloud to the west. Maybe we ought to go to bed,'" Moore said in a groggy imitation of a Kerry supporter. And lots more! Hernandez and other volunteers still were at the Reitz Union ing up students late Monday, and they did not plan on stopping until the last minute, he said.

See story, pg.

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Monday's steam release followed a similar blast and minute tremor late Sunday. Debate teams gave Democrats and Republicans the chance to voice their beliefs in both an ob objective jective objective and subjective manner, allowing undecided voters in the audience to go to the polls Nov. Tonight's debate, which will be the only time the vice presidential candidates square off one-on-one, will be televised nationwide and is scheduled from 9 p. Lower priced packages may be available on icelandairholidays. Florida's highest authority on education, the Board of Governors, has required universities to come up with standards of achievement and away to assess them, such as the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

The leaders wiil be in charge of certain aspects of the debate, in including cluding including organizing arguments.

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Within 30 minutes or so, the cloud had dissipated and the summit was clearly visible again. John Kerry and the Democratic Party on Monday evening. Since a judge had heard evi evidence dence evidence in the case and ruled for the husband, the law violated the fun fundamental damental fundamental doctrine of separation of powers, the Supreme Court ruled. The extended hours at the supervisor's office made a difference, he said. Jeb Bush will ask the Honda Supreme Court to reconsider its ruling that a law deed to keep Terri Schiavo hooked up to a feeding tube is unconstitutional, a spokesman said Monday.

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Take-A-Bneak in Iceland for to 7 nights in either direction. Called Academic Learning Compacts, the measures would ensure certain skills to students As aid workers planned more food distributions to thousands of hungry and homeless survivors in the storm-beleaguered Haiti, Gainesville humanitarians collected donations to send.

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John Kerry won the first debate focused solely on foreign policy. Instead, researchers believe the steam was generated when hot gases vented off from the volcano and vaporized ice and snow contained in the gla glacier cier glacier on the mountain's highest reaches. This section is for display only. They expect you to get involved in the largest business organization on campus. Due to an editing error, the word "primary" was omitted in Monday's Alligator. Prices quoted are exciusive of applicable taxes and official charges by destination of approx.

Ridgway said he will be return returning ing returning today, but Sowell and the others will stay an extra day to watch the vice presidential debate. Moreover, some students may end up footing the bill. No adv. But Republicans received some praise from Moore, which he would follow with jabs and insults.

All majors are welcome! The Republican incumbent has a slight lead over Kerry 49 percent to 44 percent among likely voters questioned in the Pew Research Center poll released Monday. In a statement issued Monday, Bush said he respected the "role and the judgment of the Honda Supreme Court" but that he feared the Schiavo ruling could limit the ability of state lawmak lawmakers ers lawmakers to govern.

Fifteen schools, including UM, Duke and Stanford, sent student representatives. City Commissioner Chuck Chestnut raised concerns about the commissions' ability to censor a public station. Household Items. Other restrictors apply.

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Bush had 10 days to ask the court to reconsider. Chomp the Vote executive director Jared Hernandez said the group passed their goal of registering 1, students before midnight. He also said that while the doctrine of separation of powers is critical to the state's system of government it shouldn't be used to undercut the due process rights of governors or lawmakers.

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Crews also observed a shift in the crater floor and on part of the 1,foot lava dome that essen essentially tially essentially serves as a plug for magma. We reported otherwise in Monday's Alligator. Seats are limited.