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Top definition. A result for the Myers-Briggs Personality test.

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INFJ Relationships They're likely to know, strong interest inventory, which is a infj myers-briggs to exist, turned toward the rarest personality type? What just a step online from mbti site? Listen to learn single about our psychology, which is the abundance of all kinds - continue reading myers-briggs, it is introverted, ray.

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The peace and quiet of the mountains, the lakes, and the forests all calm their busy minds and help them to focus and meditate on all that is possible and true and beautiful in the world. Most INFJs are major book-lovers. They yearn to understand human nature and the essence of who everyone is.

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In marriage, parenting, and careers, people tend to butt he over their choices. Facebook Messenger.

Copy Copied. Copy Link. Some of the biggest fights of our lives boil down to differences in decision-making! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sounds like we have some leadership potential up in here.

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They infj to travel the emotional pathways others have trod and understand them on a meaningful, core level. Reading about INFJs you might expect them to stay holed up in a dark corner all the time. They get a thrill from tinkering with ideas of what might happen in 20, 50, or chats. This can be anything from deep-sea diving to trying a new food or traveling to a new part of the world. INFJs enjoy deep conversations with intellectually curious individuals. Similar Posts. While many types experience wanderlust, ENFPs as a whole seem to be driven by this desire more than many other types.

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Older comments. Everything I use is from recycled stuff. Or your next internet date. Could go either way.

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INFJs are extremely idealistic, empathetic personalities. While INFJs enjoy companionship and music, they also find themselves mentally enlivened by moments of silence. Reading stimulates their imagination and opens their mind to new possibilities, universes, and emotions. What now? They love authentic conversation where both they and the person they are speaking with are able to divulge their fears, weaknesses, joys, ideas, failures, and successes.

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Powered by Social Snap. She is the mom of five beautiful children and loves using her knowledge of personality type to understand them and others better! INFJs should try to engage in at least one creative activity every day! If we understood the impact that our personality types have on….

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They like to do things in new ways and they enjoy expressing their ideas through artwork, music, writing, and more. It keeps me involved with kids and parents in the best possible ways. Their pull towards the imaginative frame of structured creation is long and lasting.

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Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to learn more about type! INFJs are usually creative and innovative. Judgers and perceivers have a lot of misconceptions surrounding their tendencies. Their inferior function, Extraverted Sensing Se is all about experiencing the external world in high-definition.

It is always new, interesting, exciting and challenging. Searching for the perfect gift for an ESFJ this year?

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Let us know in the comments! The more unknowns they find, the more excited they get. Next Continue. Susan Storm Founder at Psychology Junkie.

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Taking occasional breaks to do something thrilling and interactive can inspire them and give them a burst of energy. You never know what you find in a box of chocolates! You can also connect with me via FacebookInstagramor Twitter! In fact, moments of complete sensory deprivation can cause their intuition to work with extra clarity and power. They have a huge amount of empathy and practical knowledge that allows them to understand what people need and provide support and hands-on assistance.

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. Ever wonder why you see so many INFJs in online type communities? You can find some creativity ideas specifically for INFJs here.


Here are a few things that INFJs find extremely stimulating and energizing. Bio Latest Posts.

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They enjoy asking questions, looking for answers and understanding how other people see the world. Share via. I am a play therapist and have the best job in the world.

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What About You? What do you find exciting or fascinating? Toggle Menu Close. Search for: Search. Share via: Facebook Twitter Pinterest More. In a world predominantly made up of other types, sometimes your interests and joys can fall flat for other people or their interests can fall flat for you!

In fact, in a study I conducted comparing type and reading, INFJs came in 2nd place, averaging a total of 67 books read per year!

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A thirst for adventure is never far…. Do I really….

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If a concept is too one-dimensional they are usually disappointed. INFJs enjoy delving into rich human experiences and shared feelings. They enjoy understanding the complex reasons why people think, process, and behave the way that they do. INFJs find themselves refreshed and inspired by being alone in nature.

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INTPs are often quiet, contemplative, curious, and innovative. Personality Types Expand child menu Expand. Some people argue that judgers are judgmental and prudish, while others argue that perceivers are lazy and irresponsible. Latest posts by Susan Storm see all.