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Earlier this month, Hidaya Saban and Alees Elshiek opened the video chat website Omegle for what they described as a social experiment. Omegle, which has been around for approximately a decade, allows users to be paired with strangers in a video chat at random — although Saban, 19, and Elshiek, 18, said they entered the college student section of the site where they were able to pick certain topic tags in order to be paired with those who have similar interests. Another video Saban posted to TikTok shows a montage of racist, xenophobic rhetoric aimed at the two women from Omegle users.

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This paper examines the problem of racism on the Internet or "cyber-racism". It illustrates the types of Internet material that are of concern to racial equality and human rights groups in this country and the international community. The web addresses or names of the racist sites sampled are not included so as to avoid inadvertently publicising these groups.

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This Web site is geared toward teens and young adults with links to all other extremist groups in this study. Findings are reported for the uses of the Internet, methods employed, and how technology of the Internet contributes to these activities. National Alliance.

Racism is rampant on omegle. teens are working to hold racist trolls able.

Children visiting the have comprehensive access to all of Stormfront's online materials as well as to its extensive list of external links. This is a relatively new field of study, both because of the nature of the content and the context.

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In German, Panzerfaust means armored fist. However, children who manage to find the can access plenty of information regarding bomb making and other violent acts by selecting the Aryan Underground link on Aryan Nation's main.

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Observation provides knowledge of the context in which events occur and enables the researcher to examine aspects that participants are not aware of or unwilling to discuss Hoepfl, There is no knowledge of the observer's presence.

There is an effort to appeal to skinhe on its Web site. Links to white power music vendors and information on a variety of topics of concern to young white extremists are also available.


Aryan Nations. Most propaganda writings are not well written and persuasive. There are no internal or external links associated with the. This technique arouses prejudices by labeling the object as something the target audience should fear or hate.

For example, when researching such topics as Martin Luther King, Jr. King with his family; the text on the links on the main provide no clue about what will follow, which is anti-King propaganda. Aryan Nations is a Neo-Nazi, Christian-identity organization with strong ties to the skinhead movement. Its emphasis on violence makes its Web s distinctive among those in this study. The classes were mutually exclusive. On the Internet, it functions as a clearinghouse of information and links for the Hammerskin movement as well as for skinhe and other white extremists.

The following research questions guided the study:.

World Church of The Creator. Announcements of events such as concerts as well as up-to-date information on white power news and events enhance the site's appeal. Several innocuous links to materials on Celtic culture were also provided. This is a Web site developed by the World Church of The Creator WCOTC that offers downloadable coloring book s and crossword puzzles about "white pride" in a subtle "kid-friendly" format.

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Aryan Nations has been far less cautious about avoiding or disguising linkages to controversial materials such as bomb making, pirate radio, and computer viruses than any other site in this study. The Web can dispense hate and terror and aid in recruitment by extremist groups. At the time of this study, the Aryan Nations was involved in a lawsuit, which it subsequently lost and paid substantial fines.

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Hammerskin Nation is a neo-Nazi skinhead organization. Gaining direct access to extremist groups is impossible with ing Blee, ; Ezekiel, The approach used in this study was an adaptation of observational research. The site is purported to be the Web of a pre-teen boy, who shares his understanding of the world with his peers, but it is the official "kid's" and is a highly organized and technologically savvy production.

While offering only a limited of links from its site, the National Alliance is linked to by virtually every white extremist group or organization on the Internet. Data collection occurred during a two-week period in the summer of Much of the Internet operates within the public domain. Growth of the World Wide Web raises concern about its "dark side" and the need to guard children from pornography, sexual predators, and hate groups. Linkage to the site, however, is limited. Creativity for Kids. White extremists attempt to attract children with text, MP3 music, and games, but their efforts are not well organized and are more reactive than aggressive.

Since then its Web site has been inactive.

The site offers free MP3 downlo and a banner link to Panzerfaust Records. The purpose of this study was to investigate the methods used by white extremist organizations to recruit youths via the Internet. The National Alliance is a Neo-Nazi organization with a high level of influence and leadership within white extremism. Stormfront is an Internet-based, Neo-Nazi organization. While many monitoring organizations warn about hate groups online, the extent and nature of the recruitment activities of white extremists with children has not been studied in detail.

Despite an obvious effort to appeal to a youthful audience, Hammerskin Nation's official policy is to not allow membership for those under the age of twenty-one. The Aryan Nations functions as a clearinghouse of information and links for the Aryan movement, skinhe, and other extremists. One was dedicated to a discussion of the dangers of Pokemon for white children and white culture.

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While WCOTC packages hate messages within the context of a religion that is anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-everyone except whites, its children's section mainly promotes white pride. Field notes included descriptions of settings, activities, sounds, text, and links, and all sites were saved for offline browsing to permit more extensive analysis. Recruitment efforts of white extremist groups on the Internet were examined using qualitative methods.

Unable to directly observe the behavior of subjects, the analysis of their products and messages on Web sites is the only way to understand their behavior and intentions. The Hammerskins practice "leaderless resistance" and are organized into cells supposedly like the Nazi SS divisions.

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All the extremist groups studied employ various propaganda techniques, but especially name-calling. The site provides direct or indirect links to a variety of extremist sites on the Internet, such as neo-Nazis, skinhe, and various Christian-identity groups that espouse racism, anti-Semitism and Christian fundamentalism.

No attempt was made to collect files, images, or other data from areas that kkk restricted by membership or fees. However, free links to secondary documents were also included. Panzerfaust Records is a Minnesota based music label which specializes in the production and distribution of radical pro-White rock music.

These and free Holocaust denial sites are rarely listed on child-oriented search engines such as Yahooligans and AskJeeves, the two most popular search engines for children MediaMetrix, June These sites are accessible by using other search engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, or Fast Search, however.

A variety of chat forums serve as a room for youth to meet and share ideas and information. Stormfront, however, does not link its main site directly to or from the "King" s. The room alleges that Dr.

King was an agent of communism, a disruptive force in American history, and accuses him of numerous acts of plagiarism. The site invites children to e-mail questions about the online crossword puzzles. Children and teenagers can be exposed to hate propaganda and online hate recruitment, but there is little knowledge about the actual practices of chat groups online in such efforts. A WebTrends search of the 's URL revealed 37 links to the site; its host site, Stormfront, is actually linked to by over one thousand different Web s 25 August Other than a basic outline of what it means to be an Aryan youth, the site is quite limited in chat and appeal.

Links to a variety of other Hammerskin and skinhead groups are provided. Extremism is characterized by dogmatic intolerance, expressed mildly kkk violently, and inclines toward an inflexible obedience to an accepted authority, shaped by a common ideology or sense of group unity Gardner, Among American white extremist groups, the most distinctive trait is faithfulness to racial purity.

Additional links to other white power music vendors make the site appealing to teens. The link to a special children's and teens' chat forum was inoperable. Copyright-protected materials were examined within the context of educational fair use U.

Copyright Office, Primary documents published on each site's server were the central focus of this study. Observation of human behavior, or ethnography, is a traditional technique for field settings. Materials are written at an age-appropriate level. There is no evidence of a concerted effort to target children at popular locations where children are active on the Internet. Coding of the data followed a method of a categorization into coherent classes for emergent themes.

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This site was linked to by only 13 different Web s and the majority of links to this were from extremist monitoring sites and other WCOTC s WebTrends, August 25, Stormfront for Kids. Narrative notes were read, analyzed, and reanalyzed to categorize data based on emergent themes. The purpose is to sway the audience to reject a person or an idea because of a perceived negative association of the idea or person with the symbol. Hammerskin Nation employs cutting-edge Internet technology and a user-friendly layout to appeal to its audience.

Stormfront promotes a message of "White Pride World Wide. Children may accidentally enter a Web site when searching for school-related information or free, downloadable MP3 music. This site also has also engaged in targeting - by name, organization, and e-mail address - its enemies. Links to this site were provided by 48 different Web sites, the bulk of them monitoring groups and educational institutions using the site as an example of the need for effective Web evaluation WebTrends, August 25, It links to other revisionist and Holocaust denial sites, including revisionist materials on Stormfront, Hammerskin Nation, and National Alliance's Web sites.

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Extremist groups can also be classified as white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, Christian Identity, and Holocaust Deniers, but they all share a common message about white purity and superiority and include Jews, Blacks, and homosexuals as targets of their condemnatory attacks. Much of their energy is invested in immunizing their members from the effects of the mass media and on recruitment Billig, Hammerskin Nation.

Numerous links provide propaganda and erroneous information about targeted minority groups, Christianity and the Bible, as well as other topics of concern to white extremists including information on acts of terrorism. Using a process of constant comparison, commonalties were found for data and new were formulated for data that did not fit into existing .