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Readers are requested to notify the Clerk of the Supreme Court, Supreme Court Building, Cheyenne, Wyomingof any typographical or other formal errors so that correction may be made before final publication in the permanent volume. Argument by Ms. Bruce A. Armitage, Deputy Attorney General; D. Craig, Assistant Attorney General. Sweet and the State agree that, generally stated, the three issues are whether the State presented improper vouching evidence; whether the district court's Jury Instruction No.

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The opportunity for us was greater than any negatives. None are much more than an hour away, and we have good lake fishing 45 minutes away. I'd never locked the house doors before, even when I went on vacation. But yes, we like it.

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I can only speak for myself and my husband. For working folks, it's the right town. Or there are excellent 4-year colleges just over the border in South Dakota and the University of Wyoming in Laramie.

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Pot and hard drugs are also a problem -- probably no worse than most areas of the country, but it's here. I'd probably prefer there were mountains on one edge of town, an ocean on another edge, and a clear trout stream running through the middle of town, but I also kind of appreciate that it's halfway between the Bighorn Mountains and the Black Hills.

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Naw, it's just NE Wyoming. Oh yeah, somebody stole a bag from the front seat of my car about 30 years ago, but all they got was a used toothbrush, disposable razor and some old underwear and sox. A lot of people remember the town from decades ago. I would suggest you contact them and have them send you out a relocation package and schedule a tour.

Now, it can boom and bust and you really don't notice it. I have spoken to some people who were from Michigan and they were unhappy about lack of forest of trees, but since we came from the beaches of So Cal that doesn't bother us since all we had out there was palm trees and eucalyptus trees. If I say anything more you won't believe me so I'll wait for more questions.

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City league football, basketball, baseball and softball are very popular. Again, the pot was sweetened. Public facilities are tremendous for a city of 25, If you're into sports, we have a HUGE new public recreation center about to open. It survived the worst of it and is now better off for it. Is this heaven? I'd rate them as good to excellent. In the summertime we like to camp, and if it's hot, we go to the tall Bighorns where it's cool.

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Gillette is fast paced and is a mover. We were very impressed. If it's cool, we go to the Black Hills or Devils Tower.

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We wife and I decided we could stand it for a few years -- five years max. I was very impressed when my kids were attending schools here. There is lots of community activites that we do that we never would have done in CA. The schools are new and the teachers are enthusiastic and as far as I know the school system is well funded unlike in CA. We have like it so much that we got our good friend from Las Vegas to move here and he likes it too. On edit: I forgot to address your main concerns.

I think it's a great town now. We like the people a lot and it is nice to be able to see people you know when you go shopping and run your errands.

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Most every liquor store has drive-up windows. We have excellent schools with tremendous extra curricular and sports programs -- often ranked nationally and, more often than not, state champions in football, basketball, wrestling, swimming, track and cross-country. It had done what we feared -- grown on us. Crime is mostly alcohol and drug related. I turned down the first job I was offered here in I just didn't like it. But a few months later I got a call back with a sweetened pot. I was on the crew that put in the ribbon called I I remember when we did the bridge over 59, we actually left town to drive out to it.

I just started locking my doors a year or two ago when someone, most likely neighborhood kids, entered my garage and stole a case of beer from my garage refrigerator. Schools, I think I answered.

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I quit, sold out and made plans to buy a nice business in a great little mountain town in SW Colorado. But by that time the whole family liked Gillette. I'am looking to relocate to Gillette wy. Before we moved here the Chamber of Commerce took us for a tour of the city. But I would move there today. Two years later I had plans to move again. They liked it so much they talked their parents into moving here. Home prices have dipped but not plummeted. My husband applied for a position with the police dept. If you can get on the dept. We promised each other that.

I absolutely dispised Gillette back then. I'm retirement age now, and we were ready to move somewhere else, but I can't think of anyplace I'd rather be. We do not regret moving here at all.

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You should visit and see for yourself. This is beer country. We just couldn't turn it down and stayed. But the people took pride in it and made it into a town worth living in.

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We have two nice 9-hole golf courses one a par 3and a highly rated hole course. Please respond. I have renters here from Michigan. Im applying for a job as a police officer for the city and speaking with the recruiter he made the city sound almost to good to be true. The only thing keeping me away is that I'm retired.

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After 17 years in law enforcement in Montana he said that the Gillette Dept. But it is not a retirement community. We think gillette is a great place to live.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Reading the other forums people made it sound god awful. Still, I started locking my car after that.

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I hope that helps you. I have 3 children all under 11 and was wondering how they would like the environment. Another eight years passed and my job wasn't so great anymore. Ive lived in Michigan my whole life and have never been to Gillette let alone Wyoming.

Gillette used to be kind of a skanky oil boom town. Sure there are thing we would like to have like more shopping but we can always travel for that. Second guessing move.


With his L. What we hear most on the scanner are domestics and drinking related calls. Both went on to attend UW, my daughter graduating with a couple professional degrees and my son Housing isn't like it is in Michigan. I'm not sure what you want to know about housing, but there's plenty available right now, whether you're buying or renting.

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When your kids are college age, there's a new community college that's growing rapidly. Until a couple years ago it was legal to drink and drive Old habits die hard.

What makes wyoming unique for duis?

It was also a much nicer town by then. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Back then, it was the typical Boom town. Last edited by WyoNewk; at PM. I lived in Gillette back in the boom days. Of course I'm sure you're aware of our outstanding deer and antelope hunting -- mule deer populate the Gillette area, or you can go to the Bighorns or Wyoming Black Hills for whitetails. Like a lot of Wyomings towns.