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Post by Southern Gorilla » Thu Nov 28, am. Post by AwesomeJ10 » Thu Nov 28, am.

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My cruise control is not working. Not easy to troubleshoot. I am wondering about the adjustment of the cable that goes to the carburetor.

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But you can take a horse to water I think the next set of s later this month will speak for themselves. Please get your facts right and don't lie. Look what happened.

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And oh, look, Fsj the Pied Piper of Hummingbird has crawled out of the woodwork on the LSE bb to spout his usual delusional garbage again. I will leave it to you to decide how "sensible and well balanced" they are. Read Full Thread Reply. Absolutely delusional.

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What sandeels said! Unfortunately, over the last few years, I have heard it all before about this co. And they are clearly not going to throw dosh at Liberia but seek partners or some other way of creating shareholder value. Many of the original Pi's here abandoned ship out of frustration. Unless the market is either broken or stupid Yes the general market knows that everthing appears to be on target but nobody knows what the AISC will be, the amount of gold produced, how much positive effect the 2nd ball mill has had, the debt repaid, could be an update on LOM extension and Dugbe I am listening to Frank and he's more on the button now than you are imo.

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That's a long time for any company to hold a Pi's interest, especially one that continually makes glaring mistakes and irrational decisions at the expense of the investors. The market responded accordingly.

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I invested here long before Frank came on the scene with his delusional predictions. No doubt he is still blaming others rather than accepting responsibility!! You were saying "looking good from here" three years ago. Timing is everything mfn, like you say a struggle for some of us but looking good from here!! Good article on seekingalpha. After three years nobody's listening. NB and Plasybryn. Can you? PP Ceo. PP prospects.

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New Liar. Great post Plasbryn, no risk no reward, investing in single company shares shouldn't be a short term investment. PP Public relations. I hope they are right but unfortunately, I've heard it all before over the last three years. Presumably SB enticed investors back then. Follow HUM. Chat s: Latest Older. We have all seen the "good news and positive outlook" for three years.

And that does happen, please take a look at the 10 year chart. Cash positive in 9 months target demonstrates how good the current metrics are.

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This is the post border I think you are referring too. The market knows different.

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And if you don't agree why not re-wind to the posts on here from a year or two ago? I suspect internal rumblings with the Hum "minor" who obviously doesn't have a clue about gold mining. Great presentation for HUM from Monro, with much substance. All has to be delivered of course, All looks good to me, not without risk, but doable with a fair wind.

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Great to hear Ricky, although I know of a poster who will hate all this good news and positive outlook!! Please give it a rest Frank there's a good chap. Not true. It just makes you a loser. In another three years we'll see who the loser is.

I can afford to lose. Read Full Thread. Blab away all you want, but I still stand by my theory that you must be more than a Pi to keep unconditionally promoting this. PP investment. Lots of punters blabbing on the LSE bb like they have done in the past. However, carry on with your lucrative investment here. NB You're not listening again.

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Very bullish, like we are, on HUM having turned the corner, although risks acknowledged. And I see that Bert will become Ceo of Cora.

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Sometimes you need to give credit where its due but for some people it just doesn't fit their narrative!! Is he still bleating on? I hope it comes together but now it looks increasingly like the Ceo and management are running things purely for their own benefit.

It's been a great investment this year, I understand for LTH it's been a struggle but more than happy with my choice and looking forward to it getting even better. Problems of last year behind them, gold price a compensator, and they are now wiser. None of your predictions from back then held water and they still don't. The fundamentals of this appear to be coming together as far as I can understand which in turn should hopefully see the market revalue this share in good time. That upbeat message suggests a clear production path for the next two years at least is identifid.

PP management. After the Q3 update we will see who the real fool is.