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I could be a mile off, but I for one will hold and await developments. Who really knows until the news release.

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Still a good value share on P:S, P:B and good they maintained div. That to me smacks of someone not wanting the share to increase - a management buy out possibly?? One day it will probably come good.

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Just a blip? Who is going to invest in a stock when that is what the top man thinks? To date they've almost made up the amount I am down so almost in the black!! I will not be surprised at all if the management launch a p buy out attempt though.

The share price seems static so unless we get a takeover or management buyout things don't appear to be moving!

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That day could be a long time coming. Always set a limit with Hnn, I have been plesantly surprised with Hnn a few times now by doing so. I wouldn't be too surprised if they are positive as the buys at book value seemed to be good business and bottom line enhancing. Read Full Thread. I hope it's someone who knows that the Ints are going to be pleasing! I do subscribe to Stockmarket confidential where 'goldfinger' writes.

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Until then, sweet little divi payments. Best that could happen is that the forward statement is being used to knock the price so management can take HNN private as has been rumoured ly. It does appear sound enough. Ive been following these for a while and I guess the comment about the future is pretty negative. I suppose it will just drift back to my peripheral vision.

Goodstupid forward statement. Hey ho. Even in the blackest situations chairmen and ceo's find something positive to say to the shareholders. I hold and remain confident, albeit modestly so, in the current market! I guess we'll have to sit back and pick up the divis.

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Apart from announcements of course. When companies don't offer up the facts, the market just assumes they'll be awful and hammers them anyway. Read Full Thread Reply.

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Needless to say, I was quite shocked by the negative sentiment portrayed and didn't buy - but what you say could well explain things. So, operating costs are to increase 'dramatically' - but by how much? HNN is volatile so I expect it back at P in short time even on just a little buying.

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Suddenly the MM's had stock on books and any amount of little selling with no buying caused a dramatic price fall. Still strange though because buying was much more than selling pre- and never saw the large buy go through YET? MM's took half of my holding for more than the top price being offered I set a limit above 27P, because I suspected a hungry buyer, and it proved correct.

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Perhaps all the buying pre- were MM's, and they weren't expecting such a stupid forward statement because the on their own would have caused a buying spree. I'd been watching HNN, and was tempted to buy this morning but didn't feel like they gave enough information.

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Follow HNN. Chat s: Latest 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. This is pure speculation on my behalf and not intended as investment advice in any way. If I were a buyer I would be hanging on for a few pence off though. Not the way to go on though, IMHO. Im holding too, as u say good divi.

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They would've been much better putting it out in the open now, IMHO. Rickster, I had been watching HNN for some time and was waiting for an indication of a positive outlook at before buying.

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This month they said 'hold pending developments' - it was only a short update on the share. My trades where made later and have not shown up YET. Will they appear later with the delayed large BUY? I am very suspicious about HNN. I read the document earlier in the week and could not believe the way Peter Hay was so negative in his 'outlook' statement.

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I have a suspicion that HNN are deliberately talking down their prospects to ensure the price remains low or drops to allow them to take the company private at a low price. Having seen them buying varous busineses don't suppose they are an MBO or takeover target at present, but the business does appear to be holding up well in a tricky market so the future could be good IMHO.

It can't be a norman investor chat that many HNN, so it must be either a manager but I think they are in the closed period so it must be a shrewdy or a competitor?

Anyway, I'll keep watching - and good luck to all holders - the price looks to have improved a bit now. Good solid stock, but IMHO will not go anywhere fast without news - not big enough or fashionable enough to catch peoples eye unless something happens.