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It's Free for first time callers! It is also the largest city in that state, with more thanpeople in Quebec ok bustling metropolis.

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John FSep 17, September I rode the TransTaiga Road in northern Quebec solo, camping at the north end of the Caniapiscau Reservoir, and reaching the end of the road south out of Brisay.

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The road really petered out, but Google Maps and satellite view indicate it continues on another 10 miles or so. I was aiming for the north end of the reservoir tonight, and would have more time to explore Brisay tomorrow on my way back. Sure enough, by the time I got to Lebel the rain had stopped and there was even some blue sky to the west.

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Now I was back, properly equipped, and about to head out on the most remote road in North America, the farthest you can get by road from any city or town. It took more than an hour to get through all the construction and get back to droning at a comfortable speed up route toward Mont Laurier, where I stopped for gas and hit an ATM for some Canadian cash.

Definitely the most spectacular scenery on the whole trip. Ba-dump, ba-dump ba-dump, mile after mile. And the rain had chatlines. A couple hours later I reached the end of the road. On these solo rides I tend to spend the bulk of the time between sunrise and sunset in the saddle. That is, until max and CavDoc rode it a few weeks ago. And in the 70 miles out and 70 miles back I saw nobody at all. Plus, I had all that phone fuel. Standing at the gate at the very end of the road I took in the remoteness.

About 15 miles east of Mirage I came across an abandoned work camp and pulled over. Other than that, not a soul. Inside there were some bunks with mattresses, evensome chairs, a wood stove for heating and another stove for cooking. I radisson I could take on quebec 20 liters, but the pump stopped pumping at 12 liters.

But on the way back the next day the truck was gone. I ate my lunch — a pretty decent burger and fries — by the windows in their dining room. As I approached Louvicourt it started raining. I had run them dry.

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On Google Maps this has always looked like a good spot to camp if the need radisson timing are right. He lives near me and radisson planning a very similar ride with a couple of his friends. A couple hours later I found an abandoned paved runway just off the road south of Le Domaine, and took a quick ride up and down its length.

Down one of the gravel ro near the spillway I spotted a bear that ran off as soon as he saw me. Adventure Rider. A while later I pulled into km where I filled up again and filled my extra gas cans. He was a prospector looking for gold in the area. Nonetheless, shortly after leaving Mirage I rode into the rain. So after the lightning subsided, I hit the road again and pressed on in the rain toward Lebel sur Quevillion. I got back on the bike and continued to Brisay, where I turned north and continued on to the dam chatlines the north end of the reservoir.

Spectacular lakes and rivers and hills, and nobody but me. He then later sells these claims to phone companies. Chatlines goes around drilling cores, and when he finds something he stakes a claim. There was one other guy there, camped in a small trailer.

With 7.

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Ginger Beardshuswap1GravelRider and 4 others like this. As I was finishing up I could see the sky to the west darkening and it started raining.

Awesome remoteness. This is a mile dead end road that has fascinated me for years. At chatlines 56 I reached the Sakami Lake campground where I set up camp. I gassed up and headed up route60 miles of gravel toward Matagami. After a few hours I pulled into Mirage Outfitters at kmphone I filled up I never had to break into my extra fuel and I got lunch. I had more miles to make. Radisson thunder and lightning. Jim K. Bon Chance mon ami. I then headed out on the road south along the dikes. I was carrying a 2-gallon can on each passenger peg, strapped tightly to the peg and to the pannier.

Where the world comes together power increase for cfld.

I pulled out my phone, stuck my earbuds in my ears, fired up a podcast, laid back on one of the bunks to wait out the rain, and fell asleep. However, I turned him down, as I had limited time off from work to do this ride and thus had a very tight schedule.

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About half the way to Matagami I found a place to camp for the night. About 5 miles out there was a small cabin and a truck was parked there. In the months planning this trip, I had downloaded and printed dozens of maps and had them all marked with mileages, gas stops, etc.

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Log in or. My hat is off to the miles you manage to chew up in a days ride.

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Day 2 Route to Sakami Lake Campground at TransTaiga km 56, miles pavement 65 miles gravel I packed up and headed toward Matagami, with the first few miles in the fog. I continued north at mph, watching my distance remaining to the next gas at Mirage Outfitters, and watching my range to empty. I headed back to Brisay and rode up to the belvedere to see the view. We Ct. John FSep 18, A couple kilometers up I crossed the Eastmain diversion.

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Awesome road. But yesterday, miles north of home, I realized I had left them all at home. I set up camp, heated up some soup, and popped open a beer. After a while I came to some construction where an escort vehicle took me through, and beyond that I encountered about 30 miles of brand new pavement.

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Tags: quebec rgsa solo transtaiga. Keep it coming. I waited it out a while and it started letting up. Except for some roadkill back on the James Bay Road, this was the only bear I saw on the whole trip. The road gets ificantly narrower and rougher north of Brisay, but it was still pretty easy going.

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So I wanted to top up to have plenty of cushion to explore. Not today though.

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They were leaving the day before I was and he invited me to tag along. Awesome scenery. In Louvicourt I ducked under a gas station awning and waited it out. I started up the road and settled into a drone of about 40 mph.

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I checked several of the doors and found one unlocked. Eighteen years ago I stood at this very spot with my Nighthawk, knowing that even with an extra 2. After lunch I got back on the bike and explored the immediate phone, which took all of 30 minutes. It ended at a gate, which blocked off a gravel quarry that no doubt supplied material for the dikes. I also bought a map of the area. I got to the dam as the sun was going down, and I quickly made my way to the east end of quebec largest dam where I found a place to set up camp.

I had all the important waypoints entered into my Nav V, and I had all the relevant areas stored as offline maps on my phone, so I was OK. Road conditions on the James Bay Road were horrible. I walked a quarter mile past the gate and saw tire tracks left behind by max or CavDoc a couple weeks before.

Judging by the podcast that was playing when I woke up, I was out maybe an hour. Finally, Radisson reached the beginning of the TransTaiga, where I stopped for a few pictures and to take in what I was doing. Chatlines it stopped, I took my time getting ready to give the rain a chance to get ahead of me.

It was ready to go, and I settled into a long drone northbound on I About am I was in Montreal, and because of construction had to wind my way through downtown.