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If you run you will get charged with this crime even if you did nothing else wrong. If you do not cooperate with the services, you could be brought to the juvenile court to see a judge. Detention staff will ask you questions about how you are feeling and about any drug and alcohol use. Most of the time this is ok, because the punishment is usually just a fine and a conviction does not create a permanent criminal record. This will allow children who make mistakes to get treatment and services in juvenile court, instead of punishment and a permanent criminal record in adult court.

This was prepared to assist children and families who are involved in the juvenile justice system in Connecticut.

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Stay silent and let your lawyer decide when you should talk. What is a status offense? If you are charged with a serious juvenile offense SJOthe police can bring you to one of the three Juvenile Detention Centers. Most of the time talking will not help you. Know your Legal Rights in Detention. You may get a consequence like community service or counseling. The probation officer will talk to you and your family and will want you to a form admitting that you did something wrong. That might happen in adult court. There is no minimum age to be sent to juvenile court if you are charged with a crime.

Frequently asked questions

If you do not cooperate, your case will be sent to court. The officer could refer you for counseling or other services in your community. Admitting a charge non judicially does not count as a conviction but there will be a record that you were in court, so they will know about it if you get in trouble again.

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The board would recommend that you get a consequence or some kind of treatment. The Police Officer could decide not to send your case to court. He or she could also send you to a Family Support Center where you could get help with your issues all in one place. If is fourteen or older and charged with an A or B felony, the case will be automatically transferred to the adult court. Who goes to juvenile court? If you do not show up in court on that date you can be charged with another crime called Failure to Appear. If you receive such a call, contact the State Police.

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Children who are accused of a crime and their families should seek legal counsel as soon as possible and they should not make any decisions without talking to an attorney. The judge could place you under court orders to cooperate. How old do I have to be to get arrested? What should I do if the police stop me or think I have committed a crime? As of January 1,the Raise the Age law changed who goes to juvenile court to include anyone under the age of In July,juvenile court in Connecticut will include 17 year olds who are charged with a crime.

What happens next? Some of the features on CT. These calls are scams, so please do not provide your credit card or any other personal information. Depending on the circumstances, you could be referred to a youth services bureau or a juvenile review board if your town has one. If you do not follow the orders, you could eventually be committed to the Department of Children and Families and sent to a residential treatment program.

If the police have probable cause to arrest you they will, no matter what you say. If there is a chance that a motor vehicle case could result in jail time, you or your lawyer can ask the judge to move the motor vehicle case to juvenile court. Be respectful! If you cooperate, your charges never go to court.

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You should not answer any questions about criminal activity and you should never talk about the incident or behavior that brought you to the detention center. This means that you will not have a formal hearing in front of a judge. This still counts as being arrested, even if you were not fingerprinted, taken into custody or advised of your rights.

Calling the police names or acting rude or disruptive will only get you charged with more crimes. Do not anything until you have a chance to talk to your lawyer. Children as young as 6 years old have been sent to juvenile court and accused of being a delinquent. You have the right to have your parent or guardian and your attorney with you if you are being questioned by the police.

The uniform is mandatory!

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Release The police can release you to your parent or guardian or can let you go on your own if they think you will stay out of trouble and show up for court. The public defender would not call and ask for information. If you are 16 or 17 after July 1, and charged with a motor vehicle offense, your case will be heard in adult court.

There will not be any arguments allowed on whether the case should be transferred.

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Before your court date, the police will send your case to juvenile court where a probation officer will review it. They are located in Hartford, New Haven or Bridgeport. Most of the time the police will issue a summons, which looks like a ticket with a court date on it.

You need to appear in court for the date on the ticket. The police need to advise you of your rights before they ask you questions, [but] not if they are just releasing you without taking a statement. Connecticut law allows the police to photograph and fingerprint children accused of crimes, but that will not always happen. Most children do well in the community-based services and very few cases ever get to court. They want to figure out if you could hurt yourself or someone else.

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Be Silent! Other than your name, address and age, you do not have to answer any other questions.

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In Connecticut, Juvenile Courts handle cases for children under the age of seventeen who have been charged with a crime. Before a case is transferred, the child will see a juvenile court judge and be advised of their Constitutional rights.

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When the police determine there is cause to file charges against a juvenile, they have several choices. It is not intended to substitute for the advice of a lawyer and should not be relied on as legal advice. Running from the police is a crime called Interfering with the Police. The flow chart at the end of this Guidebook outlines their options. You will be searched, take a shower and be given a uniform to wear. I have been put in the detention center. You and your parent or guardian will have to show up to a meeting and be willing to admit that you did something wrong.

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If they can convince the judge that your situation falls under certainyou can be held in detention. Sometimes, children are sent to juvenile court for behavior that is not criminal. Can I go to jail for that?

You need to give the police your correct name and age or they can also charge you with Interfering with the Police. If you have been charged with a minor offense that did not involve injury or property damage and you have not been sent to court before, the probation officer can recommend that your case be handled non judicially. The detention staff may ask if you are involved in a gang or have done things that could be crimes.

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If a Family with Service Needs FWSN petition is filed, you and your family will be asked to come to the juvenile court and meet with a probation officer. Delinquent is what the courts call who has been accused or convicted of a crime in juvenile court. You will have a meeting with a probation officer to see if your case can be handled informally.

Towns and cities

Be truthful but do not exaggerate anything, since the detention center will give a report to the judge that could recommend counseling or mental health evaluations. What is non judicial handling? If you are charged with a less serious offense but the police still feel there is a reason to keep you detained, they can find a judge and ask for an Order to Detain.