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Avila, historic city of Spain, with its magnificent XII century walls. The city is the birthplace of St.

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Families and leisure travelers alike will discover superior accommodations and services at Fiesta Resort, the amazing hotel in Costa Rica. Salamanca, Spain contributions helpful votes. Nice but not great compared with other churches. It is an imposing church in a Neogothic style, just at the beginning of one of the main streets in Salamanca. It is devoted to San Juan de Sahagun, the saint patron of Salamanca and it has several carvings dedicated to this saint and the different miracles that he is supposed to …. Date of experience: September Oceanside, California 49 contributions 5 helpful votes.

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Some are instructed to write their wish on a piece of paper then place it inside or under a magical object, maybe a statue, a candle, or a special stone or trinket.

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A wife who knows her husband is cheating will go to the bruja to get a spell to make her husband impotent. If you hear a knocking at the door late at night do not open it as it could be a baka looking for its next victim. They are considered to be quite powerful. Many are believed the world over only in slightly varied forms. The most effective, they say and you know who THEY areis a bag with a small cross attached that contains a special prayer. If you cause the wrath of a misterioso they could possess the offending human and cause illness, both physical and mental.

I was talking to a friend in the park about it.

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People who do, supposedly, will be stuck the rest of the day in whatever position they were in. A bath, in a tub, spring or river, can be used with herbs or medicines in the water that one must wash in on the deated days and hours. Their knowledge of herbs and the mental states of the people make many of their cures really work.

I am sharing with everyone the information I learned for your benefit and to try and help you enjoy this beautiful Caribbean country. The end result is the person that used this means of getting even can become sick themselves.

Brujas will use herbs, animals, chanting, singing, dancing, small idols, card reading and smoke in their consults among other things. They go to a Bruja when they really want to win the lottery or when they feel wronged by someone.

In this way he can best know how to deal with and cure the problem. He told me that it was a bruja and to be very careful. This mix of a little bit of everything combines to make the Dominican culture so unique, interesting and wonderful.

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Once I acted a little angry when he did not greet me right away. They have all sorts of candles and items from luck charms to an item that can be used to inflict curses. There are many different amulets, among them animal teeth. Also, it is recommended, if you have an angry misterioso possessing you to go on a pilgrimage. Some seem to come from Indian traditions and African traditions as well. I see you are using an ad blocker.

More information about brujas in the myths and legends section.

Superstitions – witchcraft, omens and more

He was apologizing with such fervor, acting like he was afraid. Some say God inspires them others say the misterioso does. Espiritista — Bruja and her tools of the trade. The red draws the attention of the bad being thus sparing whatever it is tied to. The herbal remedies are many of which modern medicines have been derived.

Something to stay away from.

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After I heard him telling his friends that I was a very powerful bruja. The bad spirit can be sent into some living animal or creature. My web site and blogs are privately run. I then knew that he really did think I had the power.

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Because of this possession, they become physically or mentally sick. These stores and shops can be found in many places throughout the country. The churches also have ceremonies for expelling evil spirits that are led by the minister or an important member qualified to do this ceremony.

I pay for everything on my own so I can share information about Dominican Republic that can be helpful and fun.

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Brujaria or Santeria selling all types of cures and protections. Sometimes by only asking the possessor to go away rids the person, others times it is necessary to prescribe a traditional folk remedy of herbs and natural ingredients or by some specific action. You must wait for the third call because it might be a zombie calling you to steal your soul. He walked, and walked and walked but he never ever made it to town!!

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I had to explain to him that I was just joking, I was not a witch. Also, the herbal healing methods have been used since the beginning of time and many really do work. They can use card reading, reading of coffee grounds or read water in a glass with a candle behind.

Others include the tooth of a cow, a fragment of burro bone, and a black coral cross. It sounds better in Spanish and it rhymes. This because they became possessed themselves unknowingly. The Curanderos are usually Brujos, both at the same time. Some of these men were able to avoid arrest by making themselves invisible whenever soldiers were in the area; others turned themselves into stumps or rocks, or at least that is what you saw when you looked at them. Many times this pilgrimage will include, among other things, repenting of the sins and sleeping on the floor in front of an altar.

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This spirit is brought into existence to protect the owner of some property or to make another sick. It must bleed.

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When pursued, their tracks lead the hunters to where they have been. If there is no visible cause for these illnesses it is then advisable to get in touch with a brujo so they can tell you how to deal with this problem or to aide in getting rid of this trouble causing misterioso. A very frightening grave in El Batey. After a person has overcome a disease or illness caused by these misteriosos, it seems they have, in many cases, gained the special powers to aid others in how to overcome the misteriosos. Visit and support my advertisers. I am not part of any company or government site.

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After these visions, they can see how best to cure a person or disease. These possessions can be complete body and mind possessions where the misterioso enters the Brujo or Bruja.

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Any person that the owner of this spirit comes in contact with will become sick or crazy. Be it a goat, cow, dog, cat or chicken this baka is used to protect and to bring harm to anyone trying to hurt its owner. Many Dominicans do believe in witchcraft and other mysterious spiritual occurrences. Many different saints displayed. If you believe it is gone, it is gone.

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They know how to use herbs and all the natural remedies. Please support this website by adding my site to your whitelist in your ad blocker. He can become a burro or other animals as he desires.

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Witches and exorcists expel them with rituals and procedures in which they employ various tools, techniques and materials such as trying to persuade them to leave; drawing crosses with garlic on the hands, forehead and back of the possessed person; striking the victim with whips of brooms made of the leaves and branches of certain plants and bushes e. Witches are also called to make medical remedies for the sick. Sometimes an item is burned and the ashes are taken internally or rubbed on the body.

Now, when I see him, he waves but does not make the big fuss over me like he used to.

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They might have evil spells, and if you pick them up, that spell will fall on you. I am not sure about some of these healing medicines but many times a sickness can be just in the head and maybe a little superstition to make the sickness go away is all that is needed.

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Every time I saw him in the next year or so he would run up to me and greet me like I was his old friend. This bath can wash away evil and also bring good luck as well, all depending on the ingredients and procedures used for this cleansing.

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Corpus Christi day march. Many of the beliefs come from religious and spiritual backgrounds and also from their African and Spanish heritage.

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No matter how you look at it, it is bad luck. A few men could escape from the soldiers by changing into eels and disappearing under the water when they crossed a river or stream on the way to jail.