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Well here is a room with all the toys and spanking implements one could possibly want to tan the backside of a willing or unwilling subject. The two girls being spanked are friends who decided to log on to the chatroom and have some naughty Cyber playing fun and chat.

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How old am I: 50
Nationality: British
I prefer to drink: Cider
Favourite music: Folk
I like: Surfing the net
My piercing: I don't have piercings

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Kevin Jason, you are correct.

It was the last period of the day, and just as class ended she ask if we rode the bus home, I said I did and Rusty lived in town so he walked home and told her so. Mike Wish I could find a strong woman to spank ME like that. Anyway, a week later the troublesome member of our threesome ended up holding his ankles in the hall for a scorcher.

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G-Man added 1 photo s to the album It's Never Black and white :. I always felt bad for him, but was sure glad I rode the bus home back then too. In. Remember Me. Network Stats 14, members. Kevin Often, that is such a good real life example of how random it could be in regard to who got it and who narrowly escaped. His face says it all haha Thu at PM - 3 like this.

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Wellspanked A field hockey kit or stick bag is usually long enough to accommodate a cane or two, if that helps. It was just pure luck that I had to ride the bus home, otherwise I just know I would have gotten the same as he did. I sometimes travel to a spankees home to give a spanking. She told me to go and catch the bus.

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Thu at AM. A guy Rusty and I were messing around in French class, nothing bad just joking around, but disrupting class a little. Really did not know the teacher was mad about it, till she Really did not know the teacher was mad about it, till she said, I want you two to stay after class.

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My questions are Whatever I can find I use nothing I do not care who sees them. McHugh I have a toy bag that originally was intended as a comination briefcase overnight bag. View all 11 comments. Harry added 3 new photos. Christian Nix added 11 new photos. Newest Members rich. Engineer added 5 new photos.

Thu at PM - 1 likes this. Happened to me twice and within probably 2 months of each other. It is approx.

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Someone posted a drawing recently that showed an issue I often have. DadAniland Alex like this. If you already have anplease details below. Helen shared Helen 's image.

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Alex Tess had forgotten to muck out the stables that morning. No one should really care that much about What kind of junk is in your trunk. What's New The post was not added to the feed.

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If you don't have one yet, please up first. The Head of PE soon warmed to his task: the gym reverberated noisily to the regular hard smack of hand The Head of PE soon warmed to his task: the gym reverberated noisily to the regular hard smack of hand on buttock and the of curious boys and girls peering through the window quickly grew. Christian Nix added 6 new photos. Helen Ha, that's a hilarious story.

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The shock, humiliation, and intensity of that moment cannot be truly replicated Thu at PM - 2 like this. Apr Julie reith. Gary added 7 photo s to the album My Punishments :.

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GaryDadand Alex like this. Karl I use a "hunters bag" typically used for a hunters weapon or for fishing. It certainly looked like a spanking was coming, he even had his paddle out and gestured with it in his hand. Harry she likes to tease her teacher hoping he will make her squirm.

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The best for me would be to be spanked and line that The spanking for me would be to be spanked and getting that kind of reactions. I did get the paddle a few times in school but also got away with a few when the guys maybe weren't so lucky! GamerGami87 I chose option 2.

Daan and Anil like this. Christian Nix added 8 new photos. Harry added 2 new photos. Christian Nix and Anil like this. The witnesses having fun about the person being spanked. Arkieman She had the sightless eyes, telling me no lies Knocking me out with those American thighs.

It is very handy. Thu at AM - 1 likes this. Brad Hayford. I have a hard time finding things to put my spanking implements into so they are covered and unnoticed by others that may see I have a hard time finding things to put my spanking implements into so they are covered and unnoticed by others that may see me. In Up. In or Address. Thu at PM. Christian NixDan Old manand Morgan like this. In my opinion, the ONLY reason we did not get it that day was the presence of the girl. So, I believe the decision had been made, was just a matter of who was going to screw up next after that day we were made to stay after.

I have just been using plastic bags to chat them, but sometimes longer things are not completely covered in them. Christian Nix added 9 new photos.

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I only found out the next day that Rusty had to stay and got paddled by the principal. Worst Behavior Productions. Alex It was the end of Lynne's first week as the new girl's PE teacher, and time for some constructive feedback on her performance or rather lack of it. ED I bet he was found peeking into the locker room. Anil and Alex like this.

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Please check your privacy settings. I had a similar thing when an always disruptive boy, me, and a very sweet and brainy girl who just happened to be sitting between us that day were asked to stay after class. Jason You really can't recreate the feeling of embarasment while being spanked in front of many prying eyes.

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Popular Members St J Girl. Dad oh im sure there will be a few splotches of blue and purple mixed in with cherry red November 4, - 3 like this. Throwback Thursday - see me after class, young lady! It has one file type side for flat instrument and a larger overnight bag side to hold restrainst, larger implements, etc.