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Undertale chatroom

It seems you have found yourself in this white Abyss!

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What is 1? Not monitored by the USDA. I made an IRC channel for talking about Undertale stuff. View. The SorceryNet server the channel is on should be listed by default in Hexchat. Show ature.

Because,seriously,these people have lives of their own to live. Also, i am not suddenly bumping.

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Posted over 5 years ago Quote Permalink. Even Frisk and Chara have their own lives! Sans Alone or Shipped 26 votes by 26 people.

Undertale chat room

I personally recommend Hexchat. The more speculative and far-fetched the ship is, the more fun it becomes! Hey guys can someone please send me the original data. Posted over 5 years ago edited over 5 years ago.

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Posted over 5 years ago edited over 5 years ago Quote Permalink. Stick around for a bit.

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Just find it in the list and undertale to it. The pound is important. Posted almost 5 years ago Quote Permalink. Nyeh heh heh!! Undertale Researcher and Theorycrafter. Nice one. Gamma Emerald. Head Curator of The Undertale Historia.

EDIT- Moving the question over to the theories thread, thanks for informing me. Posted over 4 years ago edited over 4 years ago. Just be adults about it. Feel free to make another channel or take it to a PM. It is verboden. If you prefer not to install anything, chatroom can use the webchat to us. This topic only.

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I encourage you all to ask questions and discuss your own theories. Posted over 4 years ago Quote Permalink. Disable Textile. Server: irc. Livin' Chaotic Neutral.

I originally made the channel because people were messaging me in my theories and research GDoc. Back to top All rights reserved by Starmen. Change it! Also added a few basic tips on using IRC. Forever he will be my hero Better believe he knows the way And not just only for tonight. Web chat link has been changed to a new one.

I see frisk as a middle schooler, and sans as their cool dunkle! They can do almost anything they want.

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Posted over 4 years ago edited over 4 years ago Quote Permalink. Debate and disagreements are bound to happen. Well, except frans.

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Register. General discussion, research, analysis, theories, and spoilers. But interpreting and controlling are still two different things.

It happened often enough that I felt a proper chat would be better suited. Official note of an un official chatroom. Spoilers guaranteed, or your money back! My dearest FriskDreemurr, it appears you missed the logic behind the complex fandom phenomenon that is the fine art of shipping. Official note that this is an unofficial chatroom, not run by Toby or the mods here at Starmen. No roleplaying.


Also: Official note that this is an unofficial chatroom, not run by Toby or the mods here at Starmen. This is a friendly place for intelligent discussion. I ship ALL the ships!

Frike The Dragon. Disable Smilies. Some Kid who plays games Posted about 5 years ago Quote Permalink. You can enter UndertaleHistoria in the box that pops up after you connect to the server. I just wanted to waack in peace. Register your name! Keep it PG No NSFW links and whatnot in the chat.

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Hey, it may be canon but i still ship it like fedex! You can!