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Here's the masterpost on Nightlight if anyone wants to see what I have down so far!

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I partly closed out my reverse hedge position in Yume for a massive profit Sorry folks!

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Note 1: Basis of Presentation. But this arb stuff is all tactical trading very profitable as it turned out, but still tactical. Btw - I see you are also a fan of that naughty man Mohammed Moawalla. I got the YuMe side of the arb unwind away just after pm and suspect my sale may have contributed to the dip towards the end in the YuMe price - nice to see it recover quickly though.

Gordon - I don't expect or want you to tell me how much stock was involved. This collapse in both companies' shareprices came despite good fundamentals for the merged company - as evidenced by both chat commentary and the lack of any obvious institutional selling. Please DYOR. When the arb comes out then we can see where the shares stand on a yume fundamental basis.

Follow RTHM. Cranky - cuckoo land is somewhere you take frequent holidays and short breaks to Your timings equate to burnt cakes and cannon boiled eggs! YuMe trading at a premium to the theoretical acquisition price. What the F4 and the 3 earlier confidential drafts showed is that R1 had been putting a lot of effort into the SEC process.

Gordon - "suspect my sale may have contributed to the dip towards the end in the YuMe price" wow? Hi footy Yep. You can help maintain or add on new features that most other system processes would be overwhelmed with. Feel free to yume to post on this madhouse! Chat s: Latest Older. So there's been a lot of buying, especially of YuMe over the last few days and this has taken the price above the theoretical purchase price.

The progressive building up of institutional stakes in R1 over the last year or so suggests a widening appreciation of the "fundamental" potential of R1. What I chat we've seen over the last few days since the F4 was published is some of this negativity disappear.

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I noticed there isn't any mention of it on Football's thread I wonder why??? Now the F-4 is out, traders will be adjusting their arb positions There's a lot of difference between trading based on the arb and buying based on fundamentals The share of ?

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Errors excepted. Yume flying - those very lucky scaffolders. Had a late one - perhaps I read your post incorrectly, I aint going to be a lot of good tomorrow, that's for sure! Some on this board would give him a different sort of gong Johnny Boy - "The outcome of the deal won't be known for possibly 18mnths That's a very long time in the fast moving ad tech industry.

Yup, I saw that - most interesting. The guy is dangerous - he is a massive ramper when he needs to be Yume have a large file on him along with his chat in crime jwoolley.

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So I got some benefit from waiting to close the YuMe side. That's some loss See note 1 below.

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When you sell it goes up - when you buy it goes down. I have just nearly choked on my coffee.

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So there's a chance the arb positions will be almost completely unwound over the yume week or two if the arb remains negative, especially if the R1 and YuMe shareprices recover to the levels on which the chat economics were published as this will reduce the yume of a counter-offer or a sweetened R1 offer meaning the arb ought to start falling back towards zero. Bmac - "A rather important omission by an otherwise really nice guy! And chat the R1 shares on loan position I would expect there to be a lot of arb positions still open from those who arbed by shorting R1 rather than just selling shares they already owned.

If you look at the chart, the decline accelerated after 1R announced their TU and their cash position was worse than expected and possibly making it difficult for 1R to complete and maybe needing to reduce their offer The deal is still going through on the original terms so it was expected the Yume share price would recover That not fundamentally strong position to be in, is it? This pro forma financial information has been prepared to illustrate the effects of the Acquisitions, including the financing structure established to fund the acquisition of YuMe, as if they had occurred on April 1, A rather important omission by an otherwise really nice guy!

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If the fundamentals are that strong then why are you reducing your exposure??? I'm guessing it's going to be a long way above the current R1 price. Equally - gangsters are capable of freezing out the share price up until the moment the company post those three bars! Started to unwind the arb trade this evening.

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Now I never play gaming machines - it tells you on the front you lose. Thats a change i grant you! So it appears that YuMe is pricing at a premium to the deal price. So are you barky! Gamblers all ways lose Regards Kendo. Bmac - I am just a humble barrow boy my friend, with a little Christmas hangover.

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So there's no longer any doubt that R1 is serious about completing, and given the first draft went in on 14th November and the second on 19th December it seems credible that the SEC had already given its comments on the first draft by the time the second was published I think they have 30 days to comment. Especially with industry challenges to hit in So IIs playing the arb, loaning out shares for a decent fee for their own clients was expected What I think we've seen is the shareprice taken down to "silly" levels by a combination of sustained arb action selling R1 and buying YuMe and also chat resulting from nervousness among principally private shareholders that something was going wrong with the merger since the only date chat in writing for the F4 was 6th October and there was no written comment [at least as far as I saw] from management of either company explaining the apparent delay.

Do you mean 28p from 48p? Hopefully all RTHM holders and family researched this opportunity, and are now sitting on a yume and speedy profit return on that investment and minimal work. So we're actually a long way down the line with getting to an "effective" registration yume that will allow the offer to be launched. Mmmmm Just a thought?

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I have said it many times before - with little stock availability and strong interest this could do anything. That in turn means that the arb has reversed giving arb players an unexpected windfall opportunity most would have come in expecting at most to get to zero arb by holding until merger completion.

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